Good news for translators!

As of 2016, the International Man Booker Prize will be will merged with the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and handed  to both author and translator. The biennial prize will be awarded to a single book published in the UK (translated into English). The prize money will be divided equally between the author and the translator. The prestigious prize’s administrators say they wish to honor the usually underestimated work of translators.

"Waking Lions" - 2017 Winner of JQ Wingate Prize
Ayelet Gundar-Goshen's captivating novel won the 2017 Jewish Quarterly Wingate Prize. This annual prize, worth £4,000, is the only UK literary prize of its kind and is awarded to the best book to translate the idea of Jewishness to the general reader. The Prize committee praised Gundar-Goshen’s work, saying that it is “an incredibly compelling and enjoyable read” and “an important piece of work in light of the present-day refugee crisis.” For more information click here.
Ben-Naftali's "The Teacher" receives 2016 Sapir Prize
Michal Ben-Naftali's latest novel was awarded the prestigious Sapir Prize. The Prize committee praised the author for her refined writing, saying that while touching "upon one of the open sores of Israeli society" she "transforms her sad story into an exciting adventure, similar to the discovery of a new continent." The Sapir Award is the highest literary prize in Israel. In addition to NIS 150,000 in prize money (almost $40,000), it will subsidize the novel's translation into Arabic plus one other language.
"Mrs. Rothschild's Love" wins the 2016 Steimatzky Prize
Israel's biggest bookstore chain named Sara Aharoni's latest novel one of the three bestselling titles of the past year. For 27 weeks this moving story of possibly the most famous Jewish family, the Rothschild's, remained on the bestsellers list. To learn more about the title click here.
Adei-Wizo Literary Prize winners: Gundar-Goshen and Keret
Ayelet Gundar-Goshen's "One Night, Markovitch" and Etgar Keret's "The Seven Good Days" were announced the joint winners of 2016 Adelina Della Pergola Prize for Jewish literature, awarded by the Association of Jewish Women of Italy.
Yishai Sarid wins the 2016 Bernstein Prize
Yishai Sarid's latest novel "The Third" was awarded the prestigious Bernstein Prize for literary works by young Hebrew writers. Sarid was praised for his poetic and lucid writing style, as well as for his dialogue with the Hebrew literary tradition. For more information about the title click here.
Fred from "Bear and Fred": "Argaman's book is wonderful and moving"
The teddy bear, Holocaust survivor Fred Lessing's loyal friend and hero of Iris Argaman's award-winning picture book "Bear and Fred", has been showcased at Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum since 1996. For an interview with Lessing, in which he reveals why he agreed to let someone else tell his story, click here. [Photo courtesy of Yad Vashem Artifacts Collection. Loaned by Fred Lessing, Michigan, USA]
Sivan's "Adonis" officially Hebrew crime classics
Aryeh Sivan’s wonderful mystery novel was awarded the Tidhar Prize for Outstanding Hebrew Crime Fiction at Israel’s first crime literature conference. The Prize committee praised Sivan’s work for its “power, sophistication and historical realism based on thorough research”. The novel has been published in German, Estonian and Chinese. For further information on this title click here.
Ronit Matalon and A.B. Yehoshua receive 2016 EMET Prize
The two prominent Israeli authors were awarded the prestigious EMET Prize, given annually for excellence in academic and professional achievements that have far reaching influence and significant contribution to society. The Prizes, awarded in five different categories, including Art and Culture, amount in total to one million dollars.
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