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Yehonatan Geffen

Born in Nahalal, Israel, in 1947, Yehonatan Geffen is a poet, writer, playwright, songwriter, and perfomer. He studied English and English literature at Cambridge University and has been writing a weekly satirical column in the Israeli newspaper Maariv for about forty years. He spent 1991 in London and 1994-1996 in New York as the newspaper's correspondent. Geffem was awarded the Bernstein Prize for Children's Literature (1983), the Prime Minister's Prize (2013) and the Israeli Union of Performing Artists' Prize for lifetime achievement (2016).

Yehonathan Gefen

Books Published in Hebrew

Few Words, Tarbut Ve-Chinuch, 1968; Zmora, Bitan, Modan, 1977 [Kama Milim]
A Place for Concern, Sreberk, Sifriat Maariv, 1971 [Makom Li-Deʹaga]
Mainly Love Poems, A.L. Special Edition, 1976; Dvir, 1983 [Be-Ikar Shirei Ahava]
Less But Still Hurts, Schocken, 1980 [Pachot Aval Koʹev]
You Remember the Songs, Kinneret, 1983 [Atem Zochrim Et Ha-Shirim]
36 Poems, Dvir, 1985 [36 Shirim]
Farewells, Dvir, 1993 [Hitparduyot]
Jail House Rock, Sifriat Maariv, 1988 [Rok Be-Veit Ha-Sohar]
Poems 85-90, Kinneret, 1990 [Shirim 85-90]
Separations, Dvir, 1993 [Hitparduyot]
Nobodyʹs Cat, Dvir, 2000 [Chatul Shel Af Echad]
Last Line Before I Go, Dvir, 2009 [Acharei Ha-Shir Ha-Ze Ani Holech]
Love Songs [book & CD], Am Oved, 2009 [Omer Shirei Ahava]
The Yellow Book (humor), Massada, 1973 [Ha-Sefer Ha-Tsahov: Madrich La-Av Ha-Matchil]
Milk Teeth (novel), Zmora, Bitan, Modan, 1977 [Shinei Chalav: Roman Boser]
On Stage, Kinneret, 1983 [Al Ha-Krashim: Ktaʹim Me-Ofaʹot]
The Coinʹs Fourth Side (non-fiction), Kinneret, 1983 [Ha-Tzad Ha-Reviʹi Shel Ha-Matbeʹa]
Pieces (non-fiction), Kinneret, 1989 [Ktaʹim: Kol Kitmei Yehonatan Geffen: Hashlamot Ve-Tikunim]
On Stage: Second Round, Kinneret, 1990 [Al Ha-Krashim (Sibuv Sheni)]
The Marble Armchair (novel), Kinneret, 1991 [Kursat Ha-Shayish]
Yours on Fridays (humor), Kinneret, 1992 [Be-Ofen Ishi: Kol Yom Shishi]
With Regard to the Roses (stories), Kinneret, 1995 [Be-Kesher La-Shoshanim]
Far From the Tree (non-fiction), Modan, 1997 [Rachok Me-Ha-Etz: New York-Tel Aviv: Ktaʹim Ve-Hamlatzot Me-Ha-Tapuach Ha-Gadol ]
Lovely Lady (novel), Dvir, 1999 [Isha Yekara]
Zifzif (stories), Keter, 2000 [Tziftzif]
Good Stuff (memoir), Dvir, 2002 [Chomer Tov]
Heartsplit (non-fiction), Dvir, 2005 [Aliyato U-Nefilato Shel Ha-Why]
An American Novel (novel), Dvir, 2007 [Roman Amerikaʹi]
Johnny Has Gone (play), The Institute of Israeli Drama, 2009 [Johnny Halach]
Temporary Crown (novel), Dvir, 2013 [Keter Zmani]
The Writing Child (autobiography), Dvir, 2016 [Ha-Yeled Ha-Kotev]
Songs Anat Loves Best (children), Dvir, 1969 [Shirim She-Anat Ohevet Bi-Meyuchad]
Once Upon a Time... Stories that Anat Loves Best (children), Dvir, 1970 [Yom Echad... Kach Matchilim Kol Ha-Sipurim She-Anat Ohevet Bi-Meyuchad]
Stars Are the Children of the Moon (children-picture bk), Dvir, 1974 [Ha-Kochavim Hem Ha-Yeladim Shel Ha-Yareʹach]
The Sixteenth Sheep (children-picture bk) , Nushi, 1978; Dvir, 1983; 1992; 2010 [Ha-Keves Ha-Shisha Asar]
A Whole Book about One Cat (children), Kinneret, 1980 [Sefer Shalem Al Chatul Echad]
The Cauliflower Boy (children), Dvir, 1982; 2016 [Yeled Ha-Kruvit: Maʹasiya Im Shirim Ve-Gam Tziyurim]
The Wrong Dragon (children-picture bk), Dvir, 1986 [Ha-Drakon Ha-Lo-Nachon]
The Prettiest Girl in Kindergarten (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 1986 [Ha-Yalda Hachi Yafa Ba-Gan]
The Garden of Lost Dreams (children-picture bk), Dvir, 1989 [Gan Ha-Chalomot Ha-Avudim]
Poems Yehonatan Loves Most (children), Dvir, 1994 [Shirim She-Yehonatan Ohev Bi-Meyuchad]
Poems for Natasha (children), Dvir, 1997 [Shirim Le-Natasha: Shirim Rishonim Le-Tinokot Ktanim Ve-Gam La-Horim She-Lo Yeshenim]
But Why?: One Day with Father and Daughter (children-picture bk), Dvir, 2000 [Aval Lama?: Yom Echad Im Aba Ve-Bat]
Allergy (children), Dvir, 2003 [Alergiya: Sipur Yeladot]
I Love (children-picture bk), Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, Dvir, 2005 [Ani Ohev]
Eucalyptus Soup (children), Dvir, 2011 [Merak Ekaliptus: Ha-Zamar She-Kara Lo Ma She-Hu Shar]
Sitstandlan (children-picture bk), Dvir, 2015 [Yashvanimadiya]
The Ayar Bond [Beit Lessin, 1982]
Sleep Valley, Sleep [Beit Lessin, 1986]
Cyprus [Cameri, 1995]
Petra [Cameri, 1998]
Johnny Has Gone [Cameri, 2009]

Books in Translation

Lovely Lady
German: Frankfurt, Dr. Orgler, 2002

Songs that Anat Loves Best (children)
English: Tel Aviv, Dvir, 1974
"An original, extraordinary book" The Brenner prize committee
Congratulations to Noga Albalach, winner of the 2018 Brenner prize for her book "The Old Man (Farewell)".
Residencies in Vienna and Salzburg
In co-operation with KulturKontakt Austria, the Austrian Federal Chancellery offers 50 residencies in Vienna and Salzburg for the year 2019. Applications can be submitted for literature, literature for children and young adults and literary translations. Please note the deadline of September 30th, 2018.
Call for applications English speakers: Stay culture in Paris (deadline: June 12th, 2018)
Details in the attached link
Congratulations to Sami Berdugo and Shoham Smith, recipients of the 2018 Bialik Prize, one of the most prestigious literary prizes in Israel!

The Ministry of Culture and Sport announced the names of the winners of the Arik Einstein Veterans Artists Prize.
A prize of 50,000 NIS was given to each of the 21 artists who worked and are still working to promote Israeli culture in various fields -Music, dance, theater, plastic arts, cinema and literature. In the literature category the winners were Ronny Someck, Jacob Buchan and Shlomit Cohen-Assif. Also, Anat Masiach is among the recipient of the prize for debut literary works. Congratulations!
The fourth German-Hebrew/Hebrew-German translation workshop November 4th to 10th, 2018 Beit Ben-Yehuda, Jerusalem
After workshops in Berlin, Jerusalem and Straelen, the workshop will return to Jerusalem this spring. This workshop will focus on the participants translations. These are unfinished translations that have not yet been published. These will be sent to all participants. The workshop is open to 10 participants and is intended for literary translators with experience and publications. Workshop facilitators: Anne Birkenhauer and Gadi Goldberg Prerequisites: At least one published translation Duration: November 4th 2018 until November 10th, 2018 Location: Beit Ben-Yehuda, 28 Ein Gedi St., 93383 Jerusalem Participation fee: Participation (Accommodation and meals) is free of charge. Travel / flight expenses will be refunded. For more details and for the documents required for submitting application: Anne Birkenhauer, and Gadi Goldberg,
Ayelet Gundar-Goshen's "Waking Lions" is one of the 100 notable books of 2017 of the "New York Times".

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