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David Avidan

David Avidan (1934-1995) was born in Tel Aviv. He studied literature and philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the early 1950s and began publishing poetry at the same time. From the beginning, he aligned himself with a group of writers who introduced essential changes into modern Hebrew poetry. He was one of Israel's leading poets and a major originator of contemporary avant-garde Israeli poetry. Avidan received the Abraham Woursell Prize from the University of Vienna (1971-1976).

Books Published in Hebrew
Lipless Faucets, Arad, 1954; ext. ed. Babel, 2001 [Brazim Arufei Sfatayim]
Personal Problems, Arad, 1957 [Be'ayot Ishiyot]
Interim, Achshav, 1960; 1985 [Sikum Beinayim]
Pressure Poems, Alef, 1962; E. Lewin-Epstein - Modan, 1973 [Shirei Lachatz]
Something for Somebody, Schocken, 1964; E. Lewin-Epstein - Modan, 1975; Sifriat Poalim, 1987; Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2005 [Mashehu Bishvil Mishehu]
Impossible Poems; LSD Trip: Personal Report, Thirtieth Century Press, 1968 [Shirim Bilti Efshariyim; Duach Ishi Al Masa L.S.D.]
External Poems, Eked, 1970 [Shirim Chitzoniyim: Rorshach Ze Tziv'ei-Mayim, Nachon?: Tasritim Tzonenim]
Practical Poems, E. Lewin-Epstein, 1973 [Shirim Shimushiyim]
My Electronic Psychiatrist: Eight Authentic Talks with a Computer, E. Levin-Epstein - Modan, 1974; Babel, 2001 [Ha-Psichiyater Ha-Elektroni Sheli: Shmone Sichot Otentiyot Im Machshev]
Poems of War and Protest, E. Lewin-Epstein - Modan, 1976; Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1987 [Shirei Milchama U-Mecha'a]
Poems of Love and Sex, E. Lewin-Epstein - Modan, 1976; Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1987 [Shirei Ahava U-Min]
Cryptograms from a Telestar, E. Lewin-Epstein - Modan, 1978 [Tishdorot Mi-Lavyan Rigul]
Axiomatic Poems, Achshav/ Massada, 1978 [Shirim Ekroniyim]
SEY: Scribbled Energy, Thirtieth Century Press, 1979 [ENM: Energiya Meshurbetet]
A Book of Possibilities: Poems and More, Keter, 1985 [Sefer Ha-Efsharuyot: Shirim Ve-Chu']
Avidanium 20: Selected Poems, Transmissions, Documents etc. 1965-1985, Keter, 1987 [Avidanyum 20: Meitav Shirim, Tishdorot, Mismachim Ve-Chu' 1965-1985]
The Last Gulf: Desert Storm Poems and Seven Background Poems, Thirtieth Century Press/ Tirosh, 1991 [Ha-Mifratz Ha-Acharon: Shirei Sufat Ha-Midbar Ve-Shiv'a Shirei-Reka]
AdaMillah, Yedioth Ahronoth/ Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2001 [AdaMillah: Mivchar Mi-Shirei David Avidan]
Collected Poems [4 vols], Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Bialik Institute, 2009-2011 [Kol Ha-Shirim]

The End of the Season is the End of the World (play), D. Avidan, 1962 [Sof Ha-Ona Hu Sof Ha-Olam] 
Abstract Theatre (plays), Achshav, 1965 [David Avidan Magish Teiatron Mufshat]
Tel Aviv by Night with David Avidan (non-fiction), Tirosh, 1983 [Leylot Tel-Aviv Im David Avidan: Ha-Madrich Le-Chayei Ha-Layla]
The Rebellion in Owl Forest (non-fiction), Thirtieth Centurt Press, 1983 [Ha-Mered Be-Ya'ar Ha-Yanshufim: Al-Pi Yomano Shel Moshe Bahir 1948-1950] 
The Exploits of Gifted Danny (children-picture bk), Y. Golan - Arelit, 1992 [Alilot Danny Mechonani]
Gifted Danny in New York (children-picture bk), Y. Golan, 1993 [Dani Mechunani Bi-New-York]
Foxes' Head (children-picture bk), Y. Golan, 1994 [Rosh La-Shu'alim] 

Books in Translation
Cryptograms from a Telestar
Russian: Tel Aviv, Lewin-Epstein-Modan, 1976
French: Tel Aviv, Hui, 1978
Arabic: Suroji, Alqarn Althalathun, 1982

What did Kurt Waldheim Expect from the Polish Pope
One poem in 9 languages: Tel Aviv, Thirtieth Century Press, 1987

Impossible Poems
Arabic: Tel Aviv, Alqarn Althalathun, 1971

Selected Poems
English: Jerusalem, Israel Museum, 1969


English: Los Angeles, Phoneme Media, 2017

David Avidan

Books Published in Hebrew

Books in Translation

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