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Asher Barash

Asher Barash (1889-1952) was born in Lopatin, Galicia. He was well-acquainted with modern Hebrew literature from an early age. Nonetheless, most of his early writings - he began writing at age 13 - were in Yiddish, German and Polish. At the age of 16, Barash left home and traveled through Galicia, working as a teacher. He began publishing in Hebrew in 1908, and in 1914 moved to Eretz Israel. In Israel he taught Hebrew and literature, mostly in secondary school in Tel Aviv. Once in Israel, he composed poems and prose for adults and children, wrote criticism, translated, and edited several publications. He was active in organizing the Hebrew Writers Association and also established the bio-bibliographical institute, Genazim, which now bears his name. In his work he describes the world he left behind, as well as the first days of Tel Aviv. He also wrote historical stories based on events in Jewish History. He was awarded the 1940 Bialik Prize.

Books Published in Hebrew
Yesterday (poetry), Hasharon, 1915 [Tmol]
The Theory of Literature [one vol.; two vols.] (non-fiction), Kohelet, 1924; Mitzpeh, 1930-1931; M. Neumann, 1948 [Torat Ha-Sifrut Ha-Ivrit Ve-Ha-Klalit] 
Friends (stories), Kupat ha-Sefer, 1926 [Chaverim: Shnei Sipurim]
A Journey to the Mountains (stories), Mitzpeh, 1927 [Masa Be-Harim: Ve-Od Sipurim]
Rudorfer's Episodes (stories), Hedim, 1928; Massada, 1953 [Prakim Me-Chayei Yaakov Rudorfer; Pirkei Rudorfer]
Sketches from the Brewery (novel), Mitzpeh, 1929; Massada, 1952; Tarmil, 1988 [Tmunot Mi-Beyt Mivashel Ha-Sheichar]
Stories, Dvir, 1930 [Sipurim]
On these Lands (stories), Mitzpeh, 1935 [Alei Adamot]
Alien Love (novel) Bialik Institute, Dvir, 1939 [Ahava Zara]
Last in Toledo (novella), Massada, 1943 [Ha-Nish'ar be-Toleda]
The Golden Lamp (children), Massada, 1943 [Menorat Ha-Zahav]
At the Gates of Heaven; Cruelty (stories), P. Ginzburg, 1944 [Mul Sha'ar Ha-Shamayim; Achzariyut]
Gardeners (novel), Massada, 1944 [Gananim]
As a Besieged City (novel), Massada, 1945; 1969 [Ke-Ir Netzura]
A Jew Releasing Himself from Distress (story), Ofer, 1946 [Yehudi Mi-Tzara Nechlatz]
The Little Shoe (children), Am Oved, 1947; Massada, 1954 [Ha-Na'al Ha-Ktana: Sefer Ma'asiyot]
Youngsters (children), Massada, 1948 [Ne'arim]
Under the Shadow of Good People, Bialik Institute, 1949 [Be-Tzel Anashim Tovim]
Noon Shadow (poetry), Massada, 1949 [Tzel Tzohoryaim]
Selected Stories, Dvir, 1951 [Sipurim Nivcharim]
Those Times: Historic Novellas, Massada, 1952 [Siach Ha-Itim: Novelot Historiyot]
Collected Works [3 vols.], Massada, 1952-1957 [Kitvei Asher Barash]
Let the Young Men Play (children), 1966 [Yesachaku Ha-Ne'arim: Chamisha Sipurim She-Hem Sipur Echad]
The Man and His Home Perished
(novela & stories), Massada, 1969 [Ish U-Veito Nimchu: Ve-Od Shisha Sipurim]
The Stories of Asher Barash, Am Oved, 1974; 1978 [Sipurei Asher Barash] 
The Man and His Home Perished
(novela), Tarmil, 1978 [Ish U-Veito Nimchu]
Selected Stories, Yachdav, The Hebrew Writers Association, 1980 [Yalkut Sipurim]
Meeting of the Sages (stories), Massada, 1991 [Pgishat Chachamim: Leket Mi-Yetzirot Ashaer Barash Li-Shnat Ha-500 Le-Geirush Sfarad]
Last in Toledo (two novellas), Emda/ Bitan, 2001 [Ha-Nish'ar Be-Toleda: Shtei Novelot Historiyot]

Books in Translation
Sketches from the Brewery
Dutch: Amsterdam, Kosmos, 1972
English: London, Peter Owen, 1972; New York, Bobbs-Merrill, 1972

Last in Toledo
Dutch: Meesters der Hebreeuwse Vertelkunst, 1965
Russian: Jerusalem, Biblioteka Aliia,1987
Finnish: Helsinki, Kirjanelio, 1973
French: Jerusalem, Organ. Sioniste Mondiale, 1956
German: Hebraeische Erzaehler der Gegenwart, 1964.

The Golden Lamp
Finnish: Helsinki, Kirjanelio, 1973
French: Jerusalem, Organ. Sioniste Mondiale, 1956

Collected Stories
English: Tel Aviv, Massada, 1963
French: Jerusalem, Organ. Sioniste Mondiale, 1956
German: Olten, Der Mandelstab Walter-Verlag, 1963
Hungarian: Ujheber Elbeszelok, 1942
Italian: Milan Mondadori, 1962
Russian: Jerusalem, Biblioteka Aliia, 1987

A Golden Treasury of Jewish Tales
English: Tel Aviv, Massada-PEC, 1965; New York, Dodd Mead, 1965; London, W.H.Allen, 1966

Asher Barash

Books Published in Hebrew

Books in Translation

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