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Levin Kipnis

Levin Kipnis (1894-1990) was born in the Ukraine. He decided to write after seeing a children's magazine for the first time when he was thirteen. In his attic, he wrote, illustrated and produced his own magazine, and submitted one of his stories to the children's magazine. The story was published in 1910. Kipnis became a wandering teacher. He completed his education in Jitomir and Warsaw and went back to his hometown, where he founded an "improved Cheder," established a Hebrew library and wrote and directed plays. In 1913 he emigrated to Eretz Israel and studied at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. When Kipnis realized that there was no original Hebrew literature for young children, he wrote his first song for preschoolers. It was an instantaneous hit. At the beginning of World War I he moved to Jaffa and assisted in the publication of a series for small children. His first Eretz Israel stories were published in this series. In 1921 he managed an orphanage in Safed. A year later he traveled to Berlin to study art and craftsmanship. Once back in Eretz Israel, he taught at the Levinsky Teachers' College in Tel Aviv, wrote plays and participated actively in the foundation of a children's theater, which he managed for 25 years. Kipnis published over 800 stories, 600 poems and 100 books in his lifetime. He was awarded numerous prizes, including the Israel prize.

Books Published in Hebrew
By the Ancestors' Grave, Berlin-Hasefer, 1923 [Le-Kever Avot]
Aleph-Beit, Berlin-Hasefer, 1923 [Aleph-Beit]
A String, Omanut, 1923 [Mahrozet]
The Story of the Chick Who Wanted a New Mother, Omanut, 1923 [Ma'aseh Be-Efroah She Halach Levakesh Em Aheret]
Shele-Pele, Dvir, 1925 [Shele-Pele]
Shulamita, Dvir, 1925 [Shulamita]
Velvet and Her Puppies, Dvir, 1925 [Ketifah Ve-Gureha]
Listen and I Will Tell You, Dvir, 1925 [Shim'u Va-Asapera]
Hasty Goat, Dvir, 1926 [Iza Peziza]
The Compassionate Donkey, Dvir, 1926 [He-Hamor He-Rahum]
The Exiled Palm Branch, Dvir, 1926 [Ha-Lulav Ha-Goleh]
The Queen of Geese, Dvir, 1926 [Malkat Ha-Avazim]
The Scarecrow, Dvir, 1927 [Ha-Dahlil]
Country Children, Dvir, 1927 [Yaldei Sadeh]
The Story of the Wandering Apple, Dvir, 1927 [Ma'ase Be-Tpuah She-Halach Lasuah]
Four and a Bulb, Dvir, 1928 [Arba Benei Peka'at]
The Story of a Paper Rose, Dvir, 1928 [Ma'ase Be-Vered Shel Nyar]
Zamzuma, Dvir, 1928 [Zamzuma]
The Tiger Who Almost Changed Its Spots, Dvir, 1928 [Ha-Namer She-Halach Lahafoch Havarburotav]
Counting, Dvir, 1929 [Sefirah]
Purim Spiel, Stybel, 1929 [Mishak Purim]
The Sea's Gift, Stybel, 1930 [Matnat Ha-Yam]
The Story of the Harbor, Stybel, 1930 [Ma'ase Be-Namal]
The Oil Jar, Stybel, 1930 [Kad Ha-Shemen]
Butterflies, Dvir, 1930 [Parparim]
Who Is That? Dvir, 1930 [Mi Ze?]
What Is That? Dvir, 1930 [Ma Ze?]
Chanukah for Toddlers, L. Kipnis, 1932 [Hanukah Le-Tinokot]
First Fruits, Kupat Hasefer, 1932 [Bikurim]
The Blue Collection, I. Shimoni, 1939 [Ha-Sifriah Ha-Kehulah L'Yeladim]
The Western Wall, Sion, 194- [Ha-Kotel Ha-Ma'aravi]
Lit up Candles, Dfus Arieli, 1940 [Nerot Dolkim]
Dew, I. Shimoni, 1941 [Tal]
David and Goliath, Fisher, 1941 [David Ve-Goliat]
What Do Animals Say? Fisher, 1942 [Ha-Hayot Ma Omrot]
Folks, Massada, 1942 [Hevraya]
310 Riddles, Ever, 1943 [Shai Hidot]
Good Morning, Massada, 1943 [Boker Tov]
The Festival of Light, Rudin, 1946 [Hag Ha-Or]
Clandestine Children, Dvir, 1946 [Yeladim Be-Mahteret]
My Kindergarten, Twersky, 1949 [Gan-Gani]
My Holidays, Twersky, 1949 [Hagai]
Thus Spoke Grandpa, Stybel, 1950 [Ko Amar Saba]
Lion the Hero, 1950 [Ha-Arieh Ha-Gibor]
First Kindergarten, Twersky, 1954 [Gan-Ganon]
The Extraordinary Path, Dvir, 1954 [Bi'Ntiv Ha-Pele]
Light, Dekel, 1957 [Or]
150 Riddles, Karni, 1958 [Ken Hidot]
Quiz for Children, Karni, 1958 [Hidon Le-Yeladim]
Playground, S. Zak, 1958 [Pinah Ginah]
Phanty the Elephant, S. Zak, 1959 [Pil Palil]
March! , S. Zak, 1959 [Kadima Tz'ad!]
About Two and Four, Dvir, 1960 [Al Shtayim Ve-Al Arba]
The State of Israel, Karni, 1960 [Medinat Israel]
Mr. Cockscomb Went to the Army, Sh. Zimenson, 1964 [Mar Karbol Hitgayess]
Eliezer and the Carrot, Sh. Zimenson, 1964 [Eliezer Ve-Ha-Gezer]
Chen Gave, Chen Took Away, Sh. Zimenson, 1964 [Hen Natan, Hen Lakah]
Under The Palm Tree, Kiriat Sefer, 1965 [Be-Tzel Ha-Tomer]
A Nice Walk, Sh. Zimenson, 196- [Tiyul Na'im]
My Friends, Sh. Zimenson, 196- [Haverim Sheli]
Biki In Disguise, Sh. Zimenson, 1966 [Biki Mithapes]
I Have a Light, Sh. Zimenson, 1966 [Or Li]
Six in a Little Bag, Sh. Zimenson, 1966 [Shesh Be-Sakik Ehad]
Doron's Celebration in Tel Aviv, Sh. Zimenson, 1966 [Doron Hogeg Be-Tel Aviv]
Beit, Karni, 1967 [Bayit]
The Wagtail Builds a Nest, Kimchi, 1968 [Ha-Nahlieli Boneh Ken]
Foxy's Visit to the Hen House, Kimchi, 1968 [Sha'alul She-Halach La-Lul]
Quiz on the Torah for Children, Karni, 1968 [Hidon Ha-Torah Le-Yeladim]
First Grades, Sh. Zimenson, 1969 [Yaldei Aleph Beit]
This Is My Book, Twersky, 1969 [Ze Sifri]
The Daffodil's Crown, Twersky, 1969 [Keter Ha-Narkis]
Roni-Ron and the Spinning-Top, Kimchi, 1970 [Roni-Ron Ve-Ha-Sevivon]
A Good Citizen, Kimchi, 1970 [Ezrah Tov]
Etty Wants Cookies, Kimchi, 1970 [Etty Rotzah Ugiot]
Open the Door, Kimchi, 1970 [Pithu Et Ha-Delet]
Milli Loves Flowers, Sh. Zimenson, 1971 [Milli Ohevet Perahim]
Milli In the Country, Sh. Zimenson, 1971 [Milli Ba-Meshek]
Milli Goes to the Kindergarten, Sh. Zimenson, 1971 [Milli Holechet La-Gan]
Milli at the Sea Coast, Sh. Zimenson, 1971 [Milli Al Sefat Ha-Yam]
Milli and Her Puppy, Sh. Zimenson, 1971 [Milli Ve-Ha-Klavlav Shelah]
Wear It Well!, Sh. Zimenson, 1971 [Tithadesh]
Shavuot, Sh. Zimenson, 1973 [Shavuot]
The Festival of Tabernacles, Sh. Zimenson, 1973 [Sukot]
Independence, Sh. Zimenson, 1973 [Atzmaut]
The Independence Story, Karni, 1973 [Agadah Shel Atzmaut]
From Genesis, R. Mass, 1973 [Mi-Be-Reshit]
Rosh Hashana-Yom Kippur, Sh. Zimenson, 1973 [Rosh Hashanah-Yom Kippur]
Fables, Sh. Zimenson, 1974 [Meshalim]
Shabbat, Sh. Zimenson, 1974 [Shabat]
The 33 Day of the Omer, Sh. Zimenson, 1974 [Lag Ba-Omer]
Who Is Brave?, Zelkovitz, 1975 [Mi Ben Hayil?]
Tulips, Zelkovitz, 19.. [Tziv'onim]
Walking in Fields and Forests, Zelkovitz, 1975 [Holchim Ba-Sadeh U-Ba-Ya'ar]
Esty Is Looking for a Father, Bronfman, 1976 [Esty Mehapeset Aba]
Stories From the Bible, Sh. Zimenson, 1976 [Min Ha-Torah]
Beetles, Bronfman, 1976 [Hipushiot]
Times, Sh. Zimenson, 1976 [Zemanim]
Five Girls, Keter, 1977 [Hamesh Banot]
Aleph, Karni, 1977 [Aleph]
My State of Israel, Yaad, 1978 [Medinati Israel]
Meromtzion, Sh. Zimenson, 1978 [Meromtzion]
Scarecrow the King, Yaad, 1979 [Dahlimelech]
Once Upon a Time There Was a King, Lichtenfeld, 1980 [Hayo Haya Melech]
House of Peace, Or-Am, 1980 [Beit Shalom]
Honor Your Mother, Lichtenfeld, 1980 [Kavod Le-Ima]
The Story of Seven Girls, Alon, 1980 [Ma'ase Be-Yeladot Sheva]
The Golden Nut, Tamuz, 1983 [Egoz Shel Zahav]
Tzachi's Long Night, Lichtenfeld, 1985 [Leilo He-Aroch Shel Tzahi]
Osnat's Grandma, Dekel, 1986 [Sabta Shel Osnat]
Nightwatch, Dekel, 1987 [Shomer Ma Milel]
Story Hour, Sh. Zimenson, 1987 [Sha'at Sipur]
Thelma, Bar, 1988 [Talma]
Jackal, Dekel, 1989 [Tan]
Gluttons, Sh. Zimenson, 1989 [Lakekanim]
All the Husham Stories, Tamuz-Oumani, 1989 [Col Sipurei Husham]
Elijah's Cup, Sh. Zimenson, 1989 [Koso Shel Eliahu]
Tali's Flight, Sh. Zimenson, 1989 [Eich Tas Tali]
Tali Goes to Sleep, Sh. Zimenson, 1989 [Eich Nirdam Tali]
Branches for the Tabernacle, Sh. Zimenson, 1989 [Schach La-Sukah]
Wheels, Sh. Zimenson, 1989 [Galgalim]
We the Mighty Bears (children-picture bk), Tamuz-Modan, 1989; board bk: Sifriat Poalim, 2013 [Mi Kamonu Ha-Dubim!]
Eliphele Learns How to Read, Sh. Zimenson, 1989 [Elifele Lomed Likro]
It Happened to a Hamentash, Sh. Zimenson, 1989 [Ma'ase Be-Ozen Aman]
My Faithful Dog, Tamuz, 1990 [Ha-Kelev Ha-Ne'eman Sheli]
Levanah and Her Puppies, Tamuz-Modan, 1990 [Ha-Kalbah Levana Ve-Gureha]
Armona the Mare and her Colt, Tamuz-Modan, 1990 [Ha-Susah Armona Ve-Siahah]
There Are Foxes There, Tamuz-Modan, 1990 [Sham Shualim Yesh]
Horses, Tamuz-Modan, 1990 [Susiiada]
Tul the Cat, Sh. Zimenson, 1991 [Tul He-Hatul]
It Happened to Ram, Kor'im, 1997 [Ma'ase Be-Ram]
Morning Stories, Modan, 2016 [Sipurei Boker]  

Books in Translation
The Daffodil's Crown
Arabic: Nazareth, Pair Ofest, 1966

My Holidays
English: Tel Aviv, Tversky, 1961

Levin Kipnis

Books Published in Hebrew

Books in Translation

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