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Igal Mossinsohn

Igal Mossinsohn (1917-1994), was born in Ein-Ganeem, near Petah Tikva. He was an author, film producer, playwright, children`s author and inventor. Mossinsohn graduated from the Ben-Shemen agricultural school and joined a kibbutz, where he lived from 1938 to 1950. After being arrested by the British authorities for anti-mandate activities, he volunteered for the Palmach. He fought in the Israeli 1948 War of Independence as an officer and military judge. He served as press and information officer for the police force between 1952 and 1954. After six years in the United States he returned to Israel in 1965. His first story was published in 1944 and in 1950 the first volume of his Hasamba children`s adventure series appeared. The series granted him national acclaim and included some 44 sequels. Mossinsohn received the Prime Minister`s Prize for Literature, the Ussishkin Prize for A Man`s Way, the Cleveland Prize for Cambyses and the David`s Violin Prize for Casablan.

Books Published in Hebrew
The Shepherds` Backpack (stories, 4 vols), 1944 [Yalkut Haroim]
Gray as a Sack (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1946 [Aforim Ka-Sak]
Tamar, Wife of Er, Tarshish, 1947 [Tamar Eshet Er]
In the Negev Plains, Twersky, 1948 [Be-Arvot Ha-Negev]
Who Said He`s Black? (novel), Sifriat Poalim, 1948 [Mi Amar She-Hu Shahor]
The Road to Jericho (novel), Sifriat Poalim, 1950 [Ha-Derech Le-Yeriho]
With a Wise Man (play), Twersky, 1951
If There Is Justice (play), Twersky, 1951 [Im Yesh Tzedek]
A Man`s Way (stories), Twersky, 1953 [Derech Gever]
Stories, Twersky, 1954 [Sipurei Igal Mossinsohn]
Throw Him to the Dogs (play), Gadish, 1958 [Zerok Oto La-Klavim]
Breaking the Vessels (novel), Ohel, 1959 [Shovrim Et Ha-Kelim]
Judas (novel), Am Oved, 1963 [Yehuda Ish Krayot]
El Dorado (stories), Tirosh, 1963 [Eldorado]
About Women and Men (stories), Tcherikover, 1970 [Al Nashim Ve-Al Gevarim]
Cherchez la Femme (stories), Tcherikover, 1971
Women Grow Horns, La`eesha, 1972 [Nasheem Matzmichot Karnaeem]
Long Live the Little Difference (novel), Tcherikover, 1974 [Yehi Ha-Hevdel Hakatan]
Tarantella (novel), Ramdor, 1979
The Spies in Rachav`s Bourdel (play), Shalgi, 1980 [Ha-Meraglim Ba-Burdel Shel Rahav Ha-Zona]
A Selection of Hot Stories, Ramdor, 1981 [Mivhar Sipurim Lohatim]
A Death Kiss in Bed (play), Or Am, 1991 [Mitat Neshikah Ba-Mita]

The Hasamba Series - 44 books
The Heroic Children and Zanzibar the Parrot, Shalgi, 1977 [Ha-Yeladim Ha-Giborim Ve-Ha-Tuki Zanzibar]
Zanzibar the Parrot`s Pranks, Shalgi, 1978 [Ta`alulei Ha-Tuki Zanzibar]
Zanzibar the Parrot in the Kindergarden, Shalgi, 1978 [Ha-Tuki Zanzibar Begaan Hayeladim]
What Happened to the Centipede`s Nails?, Shalgi, 1981 [Ma Karah La-Tzipornayim Shel Marbe Ha- Raglayim]
Dangerous Adventures at the Bewitched Castle, Shalgi, 1984 [Harpatkaot Mesukanot Ba-Armon Ha-Mechushaf]
Hasamba in Jail, The Jewish Agency, 1985 [Hasamba Bebeit Haasurim]
What Happened to Children and Parents Who Changed Places?, Shalgi, 1985 [Ma Kara La-Yeladim Ve-La-Horim She Hithalfu Ba-Tafkidim]
The Little Shepherd David Against Goliath the Giant, Shalgi, 1988 [David Ha-Roe Ha-Kat Nilham Ba-Anak Goliat]

Tamar, Wife of Er [Ohel, 1952]
In the Negev Plains [Habima, 1948]
A Day After the War [Hamatateh, 1950]
Tower of Babel [Hamatateh, 1951]
The Nameless Man, Fridman, 1953
Cambyses, 1955
El Dorado [Ohel, 1955]
Shulamit (musical) [Do-Re-Me, 1956]
Throw Him to the Dogs [Habima, 1958]
The Narcotics Addict [Sadan]
Casablan [Cameri, 1954]
Notes in the Hat [Zira, 1958]
The Black Sabbath [Ohel, 1959]
A Happy Evening in Park Avenue [Haifa Theater, 1965]
Breaking the Vessels [Ohel, 1968]
Shimshon [Habima, 1969]
Books in Translation
English: New York, St. Martin`s Press, 1963
French: Paris, Calmann-Levy, 1965
Spanish: Buenos Aires, Siglo Veinte, 1967

In the Negev Plains
English: The New York Publ. House, 1954
French: Jerusalem, Org. Sioniste Mondiale, 1952

Spanish: Buenos Aires, Candelabro, 1958
Italian: Roma, Fond. per la Gioventu Ebraica, 1957

Igal Mossinsohn

Books Published in Hebrew

Books in Translation

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