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Meir Shalev

Leading author Meir Shalev was born in 1948 in Nahalal, Israel's first moshav, where he also grew up. He later moved to Jerusalem, where he lives today. After studying psychology at the Hebrew University, Shalev became well-known as the producer and moderator of radio and TV programs. He is also a regular columnist in the Israeli press, in particular for Yedioth Ahronoth. His novels have been bestsellers abroad as well as in Israel; he has also written non-fiction books and many books for children.
Shalev has been awarded the Bernstein Prize (1989), the Juliet Club Prize and the Chiavari Prize (Italy, 1999), the Wizo Prize in France, Israel and Italy, the Brenner Prize (2006), the American National Jewish Book Award for A Pigeon and a Boy (2007), the Porta Siberia Prize (Italy, 2009), the Pratt Award for Environmental Journalism (2009) and the Neuman Prize (2011). He has received eleven times the Publishers Association's Gold Prize and nine times the Platinum Prize, and for his novel, Two She-Bears, he has been awarded the Steimatzky Prize for best-selling book of the year (2014). He was also decorated as Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (France, 2014). His work has been published abroad in over 20 languages.

Books Published in Hebrew
Lying Clowns (humor), Dalia Peled, 1982 [Mishkav Letzim] 
The Bible Now (essays), Schocken, 1985 [Tanach Achshav]
A Russian Novel [The Blue Mountain] (novel), Am Oved, 1988 [Roman Russi]
Esau (novel), Am Oved, 1991; Am Oved, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2010 [Esav] 
Four Meals [The Loves of Judith] (novel), Am Oved, 1994 [Ke-Yamim Achadim]
Mainly About Love (essays), Am Oved, 1995 [Be-Ikar Al Ahava]
Alone in the Desert (novel), Am Oved, 1998 [Be-Veyto Ba-Midbar]
Elements of Conjuration, (literary essays) Am Oved, 1999 [Sod Achizat Ha-Einayim]
Fontanelle (novel), Am Oved, 2002 [Fontanella]
A Pigeon and a Boy (novel), Am Oved, 2006 [Yona Ve-Na'ar]
Beginnings: Reflections on the Bible's Intriguing Firsts (essays), Am Oved, 2008 [Reshit: Pe'amim Rishonot Ba-Tanach]
My Russian Grandmother and Her American Vacuum Cleaner (novel), Am Oved, 2009 [Ha-Davar Haya Kacha]
Two She-Bears (novel), Am Oved, 2013 [Shtayim Dubim]
My Garden (stories), Am Oved, 2017 [Ginat Bar] 
Haim and the Monster of Jerusalem (children), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1982; 2003 [Ha-Yeled Hayim Ve-Ha-Mifletzet Mi-Yerushalayim]
Zohar's Dimples (children-picture bk), Keter, 1985; 2014 [Gumot Ha-Chen Shel Zohar]
My Father Always Embarrasses Me (children-pictyre bk), Keter, 1988 [Aba Oseh Bushot]
Michael and the Monster of Jerusalem (children), Tower of David: Museum of the History of Jerusalem [Michael Ve-Ha-Mifletzet Mi-Yerushalayim]
A Louse Named Thelma (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 1990 [Ha-Kina Nechama]
How the Neanderthal Discovered the Kebab [children-picture bk), Am Oved, 1993 [Eich Ha-Adam Ha-Kadmon Himtzi Legamrei Be-Mikre Et Ha-Kabab Ha-Romani]
A Snake, a Flood and Two Arks: Bible Stories for Children (children), Keter, 1994 [Mabul, Nachash U-Shtey Tevot: Sipuret Tanach Li-Yladim] 
The Tractor in the Sandbox (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 1995; 2011[Ha-Traktor Be-Argaz Ha-Chol]
Aunt Michal (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2000 [Ha-Doda Mihal]
Roni and Nomi and Jakob the Bear (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2003 [Roni Ve-Nomi Ve-Ha-Dov Yaakov] 
A Lion in the Night (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2004 [Arye Ba-Leylot] 
Grandoa Aaron and His Rain (children-picrure bk), Am Oved, 2007 [Ha-Geshem Shel Saba Aharon]
Underplate (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2008 [Ha-Tzalachat She-Mitachat] 
Kramer the Cat Sleeps All the Time (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2010; board bk: 2017 [Kremer He-Chatul Yashen Kol Ha-Zman] 
Kramer the Cat Goes into the Woods (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2012; 2013 [Kremer He-Chatul Yotze El Ha-Ya'ar]
Vanilla on His Forehead, Strawberries on His Nose (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2013 [Vanil Al Ha-Metzach Ve-Tut Al Ha-Af]
Kramer the Cat Is a Swimmer (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2014 [Kremer He-Chatul Lomed Lischot]

The Engine That Wanted to Go to Rome (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2015 [Ha-Katar She-Ratza Linso'a Le-Roma]
Panda Goes Grazing (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2017 [Panda Yotzet La-Mir'eh]

Books in Translation
The Bible Now
Dutch: Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 1995; Breda : De Geus, 1997; Amsterdam, Rothschild & Bach, 2006
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 1997; pback: 1999
Italian: Milano, Frassinelli, 2001
Russian: Moscow, Text, 2002
French: Paris, Ed. des Deux Terres, 2008

The Blue Mountain
French: Paris, Albin Michel, 1990; Paris, LFG, 1996
Italian: Milan, Rizzoli, 1990; Milan, Frassinelli, 2002
Dutch: The Hague, BZZToH, 1990; Amsterdam, Arena, 1996; pocketbook: Amsterdam, Rainbow, 1998; Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 2003; Amsterdam, Meulenhoff, 2006
English: New York, Harper Collins, 1991; pback: Perennial, 1994; Edinburgh, Canongate, 2001; pback: 2002; 2010 
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 1991
Danish: Copenhagen, Forum, 1992
Swedish: Stockholm, Norstedts, 1992
Polish: Warsaw, Sic!, 1993; Warsaw, Muza, 2010; Warsaw, Wydawnictwo M 2010
Portuguese: Miraflores, Difel, 2002
Hungarian: Budapest, Ulpius, 2003
Slovak: Bratislava, Slovart, 2005
Chinese: Shanghai, Shanghai Translation, 2006
Russian: Moscow, Text, 2005; 2008; Text Knizhniki, 2010
Czech: Prague, Garamond, 2012 
Romanian: Bucharest, Universe Publishing House, 2015 
Dutch: Amsterdam, Arena, 1992; pback: Amsterdam, Muntinga/Rainbow, 1994; Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 2003; Amsterdam, Ambo/Anthos, 2010
French: Paris, Albin Michel, 1993
English: New York, Harper Collins, 1993
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 1994; pback: 1995
Portuguese: Miraflores, Difel, 2000
Italian: Milan, Frassinelli, 2000; pback: Sperling & Kupfer, 2004
Russian: St Petersburg, Retro, 2002; Moscow, Text, 2007
Bulgarian: Sofia, Colibri, 2012 
Four Meals (The Loves of Judith)
Dutch: Amsterdam, Arena, 1994; pback: Amsterdam, Muntinga/Rainbow, 1997; Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 2003; Amsterdam, Ambo/Anthos, 2010
English: New York, Ecco, 1999; Edinburgh, Canongate, 2000; pback, 2002
French: Paris, Calmann-Levy, 1996; pback: Paris, Seuil/Points, 2004
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 1995; pback: 1998
Norwegian: Oslo, Aschehoug, 1998
Italian: Milan, Frassinelli, 1999; pback: 2006
Portuguese: Lisbon, Difel, 1999; 2002
Greek: Athens, Kedros, 2000
Spanish: Buenos Aires, Emecé, 2002; Barcelona, Salamandra, 2002; pback: 2004 Turkish: Istanbul, Iletisim Yayincilik, 2003
Russian: Moscow, Inostranka, 2007; Moscow, Text, 2010
Hungarian: Budapest, Ulpius, 2007
Slovak: Bratislava, Slovart, 2003; 2012 
Bulgarian: Sofia, Colibri, 2002
Mainly About Love
Dutch: Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 1997; Breda, De Geus, 1998; Muntinga/Rainbow, 2002

My Jerusalem
Dutch: Amsterdam, Libris/Vassallucci, 1998; 2003

Alone in the Desert
Dutch: Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 1998; 2003; pback: Muntinga/Rainbow, 2001; Amsterdam, Dwarsligger, 2010; Amsterdam, Ambo/Anthos, 2014 
French: Paris, Ed. des Deux Terres, 2004; Paris, Seuil, 2005
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 2000; Frankfurt, Büchergilde Gutenberg, 2001; pback: Zurich, Diogenes, 2002
Italian: Milan, Rizzoli, 1990; Milan, Frassinelli, 2006
Russian: Moscow, Text, 2005; 2010

Elements of Conjuration
Dutch: Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 2000 
Dutch: Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 2003; 2005
Italian: Milan, Frassinelli, 2004
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 2004; pback: 2006
Russian: Moscow, Text, 2009
French: Paris, Gallimard, 2011 
A Pigeon and a Boy
Dutch: Amsterdam, Rothschild & Bach, 2006; pback: Mistral, 2010
English: New York, Schocken, 2007; pback: 2009
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 2007; pback: 2009
Italian: Milan, Frassinelli, 2008
Russian: Moscow, Text, 2008; Text Knizhniki, 2010
French: Paris, Éd. des Deux Terres, 2009; Montreal, Fides, 2009; pback: Paris: Gallimard/Folio, 2011
Polish: Warsaw, Muza, 2010
Portuguese: Brazil, Bertrand Brazil, 2010
Slovak: Bratislava, Slovart, 2008: pback: 2011
Spanish: Ático de los Libros, 2011
Dutch: Amsterdam, Anthos, 2013
Bulgarian: Sofia, Colibri, 2016
Beginnings: Reflections on the Bible's Intriguing Firsts 
French: Paris, Éd. des Deux Terres, 2008; pback: Paris, Gallimard/Folio, 2011
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 2010; pback: 2011
Russian: Moscow, Text Knizhniki, 2010
English: New York, Harmony, 2011
Dutch: Amsterdam, Ambo, 2011
English: New York, Three Rivers Press, 2012

My Russian Grandmother and her American Vacuum Cleaner
Dutch: Amsterdam, Anthos, 2010; Abcoude (large print), 2011; pback: Amsterdam, Anthos, 2012
Italian: Milan, Feltrinelli, 2010
English: New York, Schocken, 2011
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 2011; pback: 2012
Russian: Moscow, Knizhniki, 2011
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Korean: Seoul, Sigongsa, 2013
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Two She-Bears
Dutch: Amsterdam, Ambo/Anthos, 2014
Italian: Milan, Bompiani, 2014
GermanZürich, Diogenes, 2014
Russian: Moscow, Tekst Knizhniki, 2015
Slovak: Bratislava, Slovart, 2017
English: New York, Schocken, 2016; Knopf Doubleday, 2016

French: Paris, Gallimard, 2017

My Garden
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 2017

Michael and the Monster of Jerusalem
English: Jerusalem, Tower of David Museum, 1990

Zohar’s Dimples
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 1995

My Father Always Embarrasses Me
English: Chicago, Wellington, 1991
Japanese: Tokyo, Aslan Shobo, 1992
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 1994
Dutch: Amsterdam, Vassallucci, 2001
Catalan: Barcelona, Cruilla, 2008 
A Louse Named Thelma
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 1996
Spanish: Barcelona, Entrelibros, 2007

How the Neanderthal Discovered the Kebab
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 1997
Romanian: Bucharest, Viitorul Romanesc, 2003

A Snake, a Flood and Two Arks
Dutch: Amsterdam,Vassallucci, 2002.
Italian: Milan, Frassinelli, 2008
Russian: Moscow, Text, 2009

The Tractor in the Sandbox
German: Zurich, Diogenes, 1999

Little Stories (4 stories)
Italian: Milan, Mondadori, 2000

Ordinary Amazing Stories (3 stories)
Russian: Moscow, Text Knizhniki, 2012 

Meir Shalev

Books Published in Hebrew

Books in Translation

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