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Ruthie Vital Gilad

Ruthie Vital Gilad was born in Israel in 1963, and spent her childhood in the Philippines, England, Australia and Israel. She is a graduate of the Beit Zvi School for the Performing Arts. Gilad has worked as a reporter covering arts and culture for Israeli newspapers and as tourism correspondent for a British travel magazine. She has also translated plays. She writes books for children and youth and leads writing workshops. 

Books Published in Hebrew

Out of the Water (children-picture bk), Prag, 1994 [Gam Mi-Toch Ha-Mayim]
Baruch the Chair and the Biggest Bottom (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 1998 [Baruch Ha-Kiseh Ve-Ha-Tusik Ha-Gadol Mi-Kulam]
Ayah Papaya and the Purple Cat (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 1998 [Ayah Papaya Ve-He-Chatul Ha-Varod]
Ayah Papaya and the Green Pie (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 1999 [Ayah Papaya Ve-Ha-Pashtida Ha-Yeruka]
Lily in the Land of the Outgrown Clothes (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 2002 [Lily Be-Eretz Ha-Bgadim Ha-Ktanim Miday]
Waiting for Mia (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2002 [Ad She-Miya Tagi'a]
Absent Minded Lady (children-picture bk), Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, 2003 [Gveret Mefuzeret]
Uri and the Sea Stone (children), Kinneret, 2007 [Uri Ve-Even Ha-Yam]
My Greedy Nose (children-picture bk), Marzipan, 2008 [Ha-Af Ha-Zalelan Sheli]
To Die For (poetry), Gvanim, 2010 [Metim Alay]
Fear of Driving in the Fast Lane (youth) , Keren, 2014 [Ha-Pachad Lidros Shliach Pitza]
And Moreover (poetry), Pardes, 2016 [Al Achat Kama Ve-Chama]

Books in Translation

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