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Flying Tiger

Yael Tevet Klagsbald


Mickey Milo used to have an ordinary, organized life: two talented children, a successful husband, a pleasant job and a nice home. Until she got a phone call: her young son, a high-school student, has accidentally shot and killed his best friend with his father’s gun. The tragedy shatters Mickey's world and she feels that everything she has built is collapsing. The neighbors in their small village are all talking, the media hound the family, good friends turn their backs, and even her husband doesn’t see eye to eye with her about how to handle the situation. Mickey is forced to get hold of herself, look squarely at the conflicts and lies in her life, and battle for her home. Not easy, because she has to change from being a house cat with perfect manicure and immaculate appearance into a tigress baring her claws to defend everything that is dear to her.   

With consummate skill, sensitivity and a meticulous eye for subtlety, Yael Tevet Klagsbald opens up the contents of a contemporary Israeli Pandora’s Box, giving us a close-up of an apparently model family when one of its members causes a tragedy. Most fascinating is the portrait of Mickey, who finds the inner strength to do battle and insist on her rights without relying on others.

Flying Tiger is an engrossing and very readable novel that captivates the reader from the very first page.



Flying Tiger will conquer the bestseller lists … It is an engrossing book, very well written, suspenseful and disturbing. It is harsh and yet full of self-deprecatory humor, it is easy to read but multi-layered.

Author & journalist Dov Alfon

Tevet Klagsbald isn’t afraid to go deep into the relationship between spouses, between siblings, between a nuclear family and their elderly parents, between the past and the present, and mostly, between parents and their children. She does this smartly and honestly, without losing pace for one moment, which makes this novel a page-turner and a first-rate read.

Adi Shtamberger, The Jerusalem Post

Flying Tiger is a powerful book. It is another work in the classical tradition of universal moral tales, but this time in a very Israeli version … A compelling book … A book that will intrigue its readers and make them think. It is readable, clever, surprising … A serious work of art.

Gal Uchovsky, Mako

Yael Tevet Klagsbald relates a realistic story. She does not write in clichés, and neither in a one-dimensional way … The readers can identify with the people in the story … Tevet Klagsbald describes the characters in the story with all of their layers and, out of an understanding of the psychological nuances, she has produced a book that is thought-provoking and is not boring for even one moment. 

Heftsi Rublin, Makor Rishon

Tevet Klagsbald does excellent work in her use of language; she is precise, flowing and supplies the essential basis of credibility for the story …The book has considerable drawing power … Flying Tiger is a very readable book, very up to date, and most importantly, very Israeli.

Aharon Lapidot, Israel Hayom

The intriguing beginning, on the verge of the grotesque, captivated me … There’s no doubt that the biographical lines of the book are also the secret of its success and of its becoming a bestseller.

Alit Karp, Haaretz


The book has the potential for becoming a movie … After I picked it up, I refused to put it down. A gripping, wonderful book. It is written in a captivating way. A good book … I also  cried quite a bit … I really liked the woman who tells the story … Very powerful.

Ayala Hasson, Kol Israel 2

It grabs you from the first moment … I enjoyed it very much … A marvelous book.

Iris Kol, Radio 103.FM

It is a touching personal story of a mother fighting for her home, most enjoyable.

Alona Barkat, Globes 

Go and get the book TFlying Tiger by Yael Tevet Klagsbald, because you simply won’t be able to put it down. Tevet Klagsbald, with the hand of a master craftsperson, shapes a sensitive and very precise novel out of the most explosive materials of the Israeli reality. Don’t miss it.

Odetta Schwartz, Maariv

A sweeping book… Thrilling.

Dafna Levy, Laisha


A very well made multi-layered work. Although it is tempting to gulp it down quickly, I took my time reveling in it, shaken from one climax to the next, swept along into the powerful and unusual story. 

Journalist Vered Ramon Rivlin


Meticulously written. Like a cup filled to the brim, without a single drop spilling over.

Journalist Amnon Abramovich

A novel written in the language of human beings that makes one want to go on reading. There is no compliment greater than that … It is evident that the writer knew how to knead the ingredients of life and create out of them something new and good, leaving a desire for more.

Psychologist and columnist Varda Raziel-Jacont


With impressive literary skill, Tevet Klagsbald opens up a bursting Pandora’s Box bearing the label, “Family Crisis.” With sensitivity and precision, she draws the experience of disaster and the crisis that comes in its wake. A book that is written in light, original, very Israeli language. The kind of book that makes you reflect quite a bit when you’ve finished it, and mostly feel sorry that it is over.

Nana 10


There are books that in the first few pages rapidly take the readers into the nooks and crannies of the plot quickly and grip them so tightly that they can’t stop reading.  In Flying Tiger this happens even more quickly … A penetrating, intriguing and fascinating family drama.



With nuanced expression, the narrator presents her thoughts and feelings and her insights about the people around her. She is wonderful at analyzing her situations, qualities and psychological processes and those of her husband and her children. All this dovetails with a suspenseful plot.

Adina Bar-El, Hadshot Ben Ezer

In flowing, up-to-the-minute Hebrew, the novel sweeps the reader into a dramatic whirlpool of incidents, with a surprising ending.

Avi Dassa, Olam Haisha


Title Flying Tiger
Author’s Last Name Tevet Klagsbald
Author's First Name Yael
Language(s) Hebrew
Genre novel
Publisher (Hebrew) Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2013
No. Pages 318 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Namer Me'ofef
Representation Represented by ITHL
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