Zvi Livne

Zvi Livne (Liberman) (1891-1985) was born in Ouman,  Ukraine, to a family of farmers. He received a traditional religious education and taught himself secular subjects. He arrived in Eretz Israel in 1912 and worked in agriculture in villages and kibbutzim. In 1917, he began to publish articles, satires, stories and plays for children and young readers. One of his first books, Oded the Wanderer, was adapted into the first children`s film in Israel.

Books Published in Hebrew

The Little Fishermen, 1932 [Ha-Dayagim Ha-Ketanim]
Oded the Wanderer, 1932; Kiryat Sefer, 1961) [Oded Ha-Noded]
Putty,1933 [Putty]
Dan`s Adventures, 1933; Kiryat Sefer, 1964 [Harpatkaotav Shel Dan]
From Babylon to Jerusalem (historical novel),Twersky, 1933 [Mi-Babel L`Yrushalayim]
The Dream of Three, 1934; Kiryat Sefer, 1961 [Halom Ha-Sheloshah]
The Children from the Valley, 1936 [Yaldei Ha-Emek]
The Children Hill, Omanut, 1936 [Giv`at Ha-Yeladim]
On Swords, Newman, 1938 [Me`al Haravot]
Zizi the Dwarf, 1942; Kiryat Sefer, 1961 [Zizi Ha-Gamad]
Dinah’s Pranks, 1945 [Dinah Ve-Ta`aluleha]
They Met in their Homeland, Yizreel, 1945 [Nifgeshu Ba-Moledet]
Amihai, Friend of All Living Things, Amichai, 1950 [Amihai, Yedid Col Hai]
Nehemiah (historical novel), Am Oved, 1950 [Nehemiah]
On the Mounts of Jerusalem, Amichai, 1953 [Be-Harei Yerushalayim]
David and Jonathan, Amichai, 1954 [David Ve-Ionatan]
A World’s Revival, 1955 [Tevel Be-Thiatah]
Four Sailors, 1955 [Arba'ah Malachim]
Gad and the Dwarf, Newmann, 1956 [Gad Ve-Ha -Gamad]
Yair from Gilead, Amichai, 1957 [Yair Ha-Gil`adi]
Hai and Ashmodai, Aleph,1957 [Ha-Yeled Hai Ve-Ha-Hamor Ashmodai]
Samson the Dreamer, Aleph, 1957 [Shimshon Ba`al Ha-Halomot]
Hanna and Her Seven Sons, Amichai, 1958 [Hanna Ve-Shiv`ah Banea]
Hiding Places, Amichai, 1958 [Mahboyim]
Red Dwarfs, Newman, 1959 [Ha-Gamadim Ha-Adumim]
Springs, Kiryat Sefer, 1961 [Ma`ayanot]
The Big Eagle, Amichai, 1964 [Ha-Nesher Ha-Gadol]
Gideon and his Friends, Kiryat Sefer, 1964 [Gid`on Ve-Haverav]
The Stone Hill, Aleph, 1965 [Giv`at Ha-Avanim]
David and Aminadav (historical novel), Amichai, 1966 [David Ve-Aminadav]
Freedom Fighters (historical novel), 1966 [Ha-Kanayim La-Dror]
The Five, Aleph, 1969 [Ha-Hamishah]
The Band’s Stories, Amichai,1973 [Mi-Sipurei Ha-Hevraya]
Between Field and Forest, Amichai, 1974 [Beyin Sadeh Va-Ya`ar]
Abram the Hebrew, Am Oved, 1973 [Abram Ha-Ivri]
Moses, Amichai, 1977 [Moshe]

Books in Translation
In the Beginning: The Story of Abraham
English: London, Oxford University Press, 1969

Lost on Mount Tabor
English: New York, Hebrew Educators` Committee, 1940

The Children of the Cave
English: New York, H.Z. Walck, 1969; London: Oxford University Press, 1969 


Zvi Livne