Yitzhak Oren

Yitzhak Oren (1918-2007) was born in Siberia, Russia. He moved to China with his family as a young boy and lived there until he immigrated to pre-state Israel in 1936. Oren studied literature, philosophy and history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During the British Mandate, he paved roads for the British Army, and became a member of the clandestine Etzel movement. After the establishment of the State, he held positions in various governmental departments. Oren published six books of short stories, four collections of stories and essays, three novels and a book of poetry. He was chief editor of the Russian-language Encyclopedia Judaica. Oren received the Neuman Prize (1989), the Jabotinsky Prize (1999) and the President's Prize (1999).
Yitzhak Oren

Books Published in Hebrew

Somewhere (stories), Tzuk, 1950 [Ei-Sham]
In the Rear (novel), Neumann, 1953 [Ba-Oref]
The Ventures of Benjamin the Fifth (stories), Neumann, 1958 [Masot Benyamin Ha-Hamishi]
A Decade in Verse (poetry), Achiever, 1958 [Asor Be-Haruzim]
Fathers and Fledglings (novel), Massada, 1964 [Avot Ve-Boser]
The Face of a Generation and a Dog (stories), Ogdan, 1968 [Pnei Dor Ve-Kelev]
Buyers of Heaven and Earth (stories), Shalem, 1970 [Konei Shamayim Va-Aretz]
Challenges (stories & essays), Neumann, 1972 [Etgarim]
The Mountain and the Mouse (novel), Bialik Institute, 1972 [Ha-Har Ve-Ha-Achbar]
Journey Around the Axis (stories), Hadar, 1978 [Masah Misaviv La-Tzir]
Jabotinsky and Me (stories & essays), Hadar, 1980 [Jabotinsky Ve-Ani]
Five Flying Scrolls (stories), Hadar, 1985 [Hamesh Megilot Rehov]
The Ultimate (stories & essays) , Keter, 1987 [Me-Ahel Ad Kale]
Lust and Creation (stories & essays), Bialik Institute, 1997 [Yetzarim Ve-Yetzirot]

Books in Translation

The Imaginary Number
English: Berkeley, Benmir Books, 1986

My Quarry
Russian: Jerusalem, Sifriat Aliyah, 1988

The Destructor
French: Boulogne, Editions du Griot, 1994