Haya Esther (Godlevsky)

Haya Esther (Godlevsky) was born to an Orthodox family in Jerusalem in 1941. She received a BA in Jewish history and an MA in education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and studied art at the Israel Museum. She has taught and written Bible study programs for secondary school. Haya Esther is a painter, poet and short-story writer. She has held many solo exhibitions around the country and has participated in group shows in Israel and abroad. Haya Esther has received the Kugel Prize (1988), the Tel Aviv Foundation Award (1989), the Writers Association Prize (1995), the Prime Minister's Prize (2003), the Amos Foundation Award (2005) and the Shoshana Ish-Shalom Prize (2008).

Haya Esther  (Godlevsky)

Books Published in Hebrew

Soft Stones (stories) , Eked, 1983, 1988 [Avanim Rakot]
Radiance (stories), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1987 [Ktonet Or]
A Bird of Shrines (essay), Carmel, 1989 [Tzipor Heichalot: Masa]
Ha-Shem Interlude - The First Notebook (stories), Carmel, 1994 [Akdamot Ha-Shem - Ha-Machberet Ha-Rishona]
Blue Ram, Tammuz - Writers Association, 1995 [Ayal Cachol: Poʹema]
The Wind and the Blood, Yaron Golan, 1996 [Ha-Ruach Ve-Ha-Dam]
For There is in Scent Entrance to Love, Mirchaf, 1998 [Ki Ha-Reʹach Yesh Lo Mavo Gadol Ba-Ahava]
My Flesh Speaks God, Carmel, 2001 [Eloha Medaber Besari]
The Abyss and the Making, Carmel, 2004 [Maʹaseh Tehom]
Serapha, Carmel, 2006 [Srefa]
The Scream of Beauty, Carmel, 2008 [Tzirchat Ha-Yofi: Poʹema]
Thohuʹs Apples, Carmel, 2012 [Tapuchei Tohu]
Dream Vision: Poems and Prose, Carmel, 2014 [Mar'eh Chalom: Shirim Ve-Kit'ei Proza]
Selected Works 1983-2014, 62 Pub., 2016 [Ha-Blender Ba-Moach Sheli Tanur: Mivchar 1983-2014]

Books in Translation

French: Paris, Caracteres, 2008

Selected Poems
French: Paris, Ed. Caracteres, 2002
French: Paris, Ed. Caracteres, 2011 (diff. selection)