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If I Were a Lion

If I were a lion, what would happen? A little boy tries to imagine himself as a lion, a shark, a baboon and various other creatures, even a tiny ant. It’s fun to be a lion, no need to explain why, but it’s also fun to be a small, weak animal like a bird, because a bird flying in the sky or sitting in a tree has real advantages over everyone beneath him. Altogether, an animal is free to do whatever it likes – a baboon, for example, doesn’t care that you can see his bottom. No one tells the shark to get out of the water, or tells the frog that he’s being stupid when he jumps into a puddle. And it’s great to be an owl – you don’t have to go to bed and you can make up stories all night long. But after the little boy considers all the advantages of being someone else, he concludes that what he likes most is just being himself.

A mischievous story in rhyme, full of fun situations, dealing with identity and strengthening a child’s self-esteem.

Title If I Were a Lion
Writer's Last Name Goldberg
Writer's First Name Hana
Genre Children
Illustrations Aviel Basil
Publisher (Hebrew) Am Oved
No. Pages 20pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ilu Hayiti Aryeh