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Yehuda Amichai

Yehuda Amichai (1924-2000), Israel's most renowned poet, was born to a religious family in Wurzburg, Germany, and was raised speaking both Hebrew and German. His family immigrated to pre-state Israel in 1936. Amichai served with the British Army's Jewish Brigade in World War II and fought in the elite Palmach unit during Israel`s 1948 War of Independence. He studied literature and biblical studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was poet in residence at numerous universities, including Berkeley, NYU and Yale.
Amichai published 13 books of poetry; he also wrote two novels, a collection of short stories, children's books, and plays which have been performed in the USA, Germany, Italy, Poland and Holland. Amichai's work has been published in 40 languages, and is included in high school and university syllabuses worldwide. Among the many honors he received: the Shlonsky Prize (1961), the Brenner Prize (1969),the Bialik Prize (1976), Wurzburg's Prize for Culture (Germany, 1981), the Israel Prize (1982), the Agnon Prize (1986), the Malraux Prize (France, 1994), the Literary Lion Award (New York, 1994), Macedonia's Golden Wreath Award (1995), the Norwegian Bjornson Poetry Award (1996), an Honor Citation from Assiut University, Egypt, and numerous Honorary Doctorates. He became an Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters (1986), and a Distinguished Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1991). His work is included in the "100 Greatest Works of Modern Jewish Literature"  (2001), and in innumerable international anthologies. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize on more than one occasion.
Amichai's archives are kept at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University.

Through his synthesis of the poetic with the everyday, Amichai effected a revolutionary change in both the subject matter and the language of poetry.
Israel Prize Citation

He is one of our great poets... Once one has heard his quiet, even tones, precise, distanced and passionate, one can never forget them.
Times Literary Supplement 

Amichai was loved by his readers worldwide...and it is not hard to see why. His poems are... profound: humorous, ironic and yet full of passion, secular but God-engaged, allusive but accessible.
New York Times

I`ve become more than ever convinced that Amichai is one of the biggest, most essential, most durable poetic voices of this past century - one of the most intimate, alive and human, wise, humourous, true, loving, inwardly free and resourceful. One of the real treasures.
Ted Hughes, Times Literary Supplement

Books Published in Hebrew
Now and in Other Days, Likrat, 1955 [Achshav U-Va-Yamim Ha-Acherim]
Two Hopes Away, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1958 [Be-Merchak Shtei Tikvot]
In the Public Garden,
Achshav, 1959 [Ba-Gina Ha-Tziburit]
Poems 1948-1962, Schocken, 1963; 1977; 2002 [Shirim 1948-1962]
Now in Noise, Schocken, 1968; 2002 [Achshav Ba-Ra’ash]
Not to Remember, Schocken, 1971; 2002 [Ve-Lo Al Menat Lizkor]
Behind all this Hides a Great Happiness, Schocken, 1974; 2003 [Me-Achorei Kol Ze Mistater Osher Gadol]
Time, Schocken, 1977; 2003 [Ha-Zman]
Great Tranquillity, Schocken, 1980; 2003 [Shalva Gdola: She’elot U-Tshuvot]
Hour of Grace, Schocken, 1982; 2004 [Sh'at Ha-Chesed]
Of Man Thou Art, and Unto Man Shalt Thou Return, Schocken, 1985; 2004 [Me-Adam Ata Ve-El Adam Tashuv]
Even a Fist was once an Open Palm with Fingers, Schocken, 1989; 2002; 2004 [Gam Ha-Egrof Haya Pa’am Yad Ptucha Ve-Etzba'ot]
Open Eyed Land, Schocken, 1992 [Nof Gluy Eynayim]
Achziv, Cesarea and One Love, Schocken, 1996 [Achziv, Keisarya Ve-Ahava Achat]
Open Closed Open, Schocken, 1998; 2004 [Patuach Sagur Patuach]
Collected Poems [5 vols.], Schocken, 2002-2004 [Shirei Yehuda Amichai]

In This Terrible Wind (stories), Schocken, 1961; 1973 [Ba-Ruach Ha-Nora'a Ha-Zot]
Journey to Nineveh (play), Achshav, 1962 [Masa Le-Ninveh]
Not of this Time, Not of this Place (novel), Schocken, 1963; 1967; 1986 [Lo Me-Achshav lo Mi-Kan]
Bells and Trains (plays & radio scripts), Schocken, 1968; 1992 [Pa'amonim Ve-Rakavot]
To Have a Dwelling Place (novel), Bitan, 1971; 2001 [Mi Yitneni Malon]

Things that Happened to Roni in New York, Am Oved, 1968; 2002 [Ma She-Kara Le-Roni Bi-New-York]
Numa’s Fat Tail, Schocken, 1978; 2004 [Ha-Zanav Ha-Shamen Shel Numa]
The Great Book of the Night, Schocken, 1988 [Sefer Ha-Laila Ha-Gadol]

No Man’s Land [Zavit, 1962]
Journey to Nineveh [Habima, 1964]

Books in Translation
Now and in Other Days
Spanish: Granada, Universidad de Granada, 1994

Akhziv, Caesarea and One Love
English: Tel Aviv, Schocken, 1996

English: New York, Harper & Row, 1969

Songs of Jerusalem and Myself
English: New York, Harper & Row, 1973

French: Paris, Editions de l'Eclat, 2018 

English: New York, Harper & Row, 1977; Minneapolis, Milkweed, 1977; New York, Oxford University Press, 1978

English: London, Oxford University Press, 1979; New York, Harper & Row, 1979

Travels of a Latterday Benjamin of Tudela
English: London, Menard, 1977; Missouri , Webster Review, 1977; New York, Sheep Meadow Press, 1986; Toronto, Exile Ed, 1986
Spanish: Mexico City, Ediciones sin Nombre, 2009

Behind All This Hides a Great Happiness
German: Wurzburg, Gesellschaft fur Christlich-Judische Zysammenarbeit, 1981
Spanish: Barcelona, Senor Hidalgo, 2004

Great Tranquillity: Questions and Answers
English: New York, Harper & Row, 1983; New York, Sheep Meadow, 1997
Dutch: Amsterdam, Meulenhoff, 1988; 1993
Spanish: Madrid, Catedra, 2004

Love Poems
English: Tel Aviv, Schocken, 1981; New York, Harper & Row, 1981

The Early Books of Yehuda Amichai
English: Riverdale-on-Hudson, Sheep Meadow Press, 1988

Poems of Jerusalem
English: Tel Aviv, Schocken, 1987; New York, Harper & Row, 1988
French: Paris, Ed. de l'Eclat, 1991
Japanese: Tokyo, Shichou-sha, 2003 
Even a Fist was Once an Open Palm with Fingers
Dutch: Amsterdam, Meulenhoff, 1988
English: New York, Harper Perennial, 1991
German: Munich, Piper, 1994

Open-Eyed Land - Landschaft Offenen Auges
English, German & Hebrew: Tel Aviv, Schocken, 1992

Poems of Jerusalem and Love Poems
English: New York, Sheep Meadow, 1992
Slovak: Prešov, Slniečkovo, 2006  

More Love Poems
English: Tel Aviv, Schocken, 1994

Open Closed Open
English: New York, Harcourt, 2000; Washington, Harvest, 2006
Chinese: Shanghai, Shanghai Translation, 2007

Polish: Warsaw, Atut, 2017

German: BerlinJüdischer Verlag, 2019


Yehuda Amichai : A Life of Poetry, 1948-1994
English: New York, HarperCollins, 1994; New York, HarperPerennial, 1995

The Poetry of Yehuda Amichai (ed. Robert Alter)

English: New York, Farrar Strauss Giroux, 2015

Yehuda Amichai & Ronny Someck: 24 Love Poems

French: Montpellier, Levant, 2016 

Selected Poems

Albanian: Tirana, Dituria, 1997
Arabic: Cairo, Dar Shohdi (journal), 1985
Bulgarian: Sofia, Shalom, 1997
Catalan: Barcelona, Ayma, 1972
Catalan: Barcelona, Columna, 1995
Catalan: Barcelona, Proa, 2001

Catalan: Martorell, Adesiara, 2018

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Chinese: Nanjing, Hebei Educational Pub., 2002 (2 vols)
Chinese: Beijing, Writers House, forthcoming
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Croatian: Pula, Nova Istra, 2005
Croatian: Zagreb, Naklada Boskovic, 2006
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Dutch: Rotterdam, Stichting, 1988 (60 translations of 8 poems, various langs)
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Not of this Time, Not of this Place (novel)
English: New York, Harper & Row, 1968; London, Vallentine Mitchell,1973
German: Munich, Piper, 1992; Zurich, Pendo, 1998; Würzburg, Königshausen et Neumann, 2017 

Selected Writing
German: Wurzburg, Gesell. Christlich-Judische Zusammenarbeit, 1981

The World is a Room and Other Stories
English: Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1984

In This Terrible Wind (stories)
German: Munich, Piper, 1990
French: Nîmes, Eclat, 2001 
Bells and Trains
English: Jerusalem, Kol Israel, 1962
French: Jerusalem, Kol Israel, 1962

To Love in Jerusalem
English: Jerusalem, Kol Israel, 1984
French: Jerusalem, Kol Israel, 1984

Visit of the Queen of Sheba
English: Jerusalem, Kol Israel, 1984
French: Jerusalem, Kol Israel, 1984 

Yehuda Amichai