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Alona Kimhi

Alona Kimhi was born in Lvov, Ukraine, in 1966 and came to Israel with her family in 1972. Following her graduation from the Beit Zvi Academy for Performing Arts, she became a stage and film actress. In 1993, Kimhi started writing plays, lyrics and essays. Since 1996, she has published novels, short stories and a book for children. Kimhi has been awarded the ACUM Book of the Year Prize (1996) for I, Anastasia; the Bernstein Prize (1999) for her first novel, Weeping Susannah, the French WIZO Prize (2001) and the Prime Minister's Prize (2001). A film based on a script of hers received the Israel Academy's Best TV Film Award for the year 2003. Her books have been published in 15 languages.

Alona Kimhi

Books in Translation

English (Lunar Eclipse): London/New York, Toby Press, 2000; Las Vegas, AmazonCrossings, forthcoming
German: pback: Berlin, Berlin Verlag, 2005
French: Paris, Gallimard, 2008; pback, Arles, Babel, 2009
Dutch: Amsterdam, Meulenhoff, 2001
French: Paris, Gallimard, 2001; pback: Gallimard/Folio, 2003
English: London, Harvill, 2001; New York, Harvill/Farrar Straus, 2002
Italian: Milan, Rizzoli, 2001; Ugo Guanda, 2010
Swedish: Stockholm, Wahlstrom & Widstrand, 2001
Portuguese: Lisbon, Asa, 2002
Greek: Athens, Psichogios, 2002
German: Munich, Carl Hanser, 2002; pback: Berlin, Berlin Verlag, 2004
Finnish: Helsinki, Tammi, 2003
Spanish: Barcelona, Galaxia Gutenberg, 2004
Polish: Warsaw, WAB, 2006
Chinese: Hefei, Anhui Literature & Art Publishing House, 2008
Turkish: Istanbul, Sistem, 2009
Czech: Prague, Garamond, 2014
German: Munich, Carl Hanser, 2006; audio abrid. ed.: Hamburg, Hörbuch, 2006
French: Paris, Gallimard, 2006; pback: Folio, 2007
Italian: Milan, Ugo Guanda, 2007
Portuguese: Porto, Asa, 2009
English: Champaign, IL, Dalkey Archive, 2013

Berlin Diary (novella)
French: Paris, Gallimard/Folio, 2011

Selected Stories
Estonian: Talinn, Loomingu Raamatukogu, 2010

French: Paris, Gallimard, 2015
Portuguese: Lisbon, Porto, 2016

French: Paris, Gallimard, forthcoming