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The Magic Hat

Lea Goldberg
AGE: 3-6

This story in rhyme isn`t a supernatural tale; it`s just a wish, a figment of the imagination. The heroine is a little girl who daydreams about super­natural powers and about sailing to exciting places. Do you know any child who doesn`t have dreams like that? This little girl thinks that a Magic Hat can make all her dreams come true. She believes there really is a hat like that, and she makes it part of her fantasy world. If she had a Magic Hat, she`d ask it to make her grow all at once and be taller than everybody else so that even Mommy and Daddy would look up at her and not tell her what to do. If she had a Magic Hat that made all her wishes come true, she`d turn it into a boat, then she`d get in and sail to far-off islands and meet all kinds of different peoples. And if she was sad at sea, she`d be able to tell the Hat-Boat to sail home right away and then she`d give all her friends presents and tell them exciting stories. No one would think she was making the stories up. But where is the Magic Hat? How can she get hold of it? Maybe Mommy and Daddy know? "No," thinks the little girl, "grown-ups won`t understand."

Illustrations: Rinat Hoffer

English translation available (for publishers only)

The Magic Hat
Title The Magic Hat
Author’s Last Name Goldberg
Author's First Name Lea
Genre children-picture bk
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1949
Publisher 2 (Hebrew) Sifriat Poalim
Year of Publication 2 (Hebrew) 2005
No. Pages 27 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Kova Ksamim
Representation Represented by ITHL



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