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Alex Epstein

Alex Epstein was born in St. Petersburg, Russia (then Leningrad), in 1971, and came to Israel in 1980. He currently lives in Tel Aviv. Best known for his short short stories, Epstein has published a book of poetry, collections of short stories and novels. He writes for the literary supplement of the daily newspapers, Haaretz , teaches creative writing and works as a programmer in a high-tech firm. In 2007 Epstein participated in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, and in 2010 he was writer in residence at the University of Denver. Epstein was awarded the Prime Minister's Prize twice (2003; 2016).

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Alex Epstein

Books Published in Hebrew

Writing Leningrad and Other Poems (poetry), Eked, 1992 [Kotev Leningrad Ve-Shirim Acherim]
The Dog that Talked (About the War) (stories) , Zmora-Bitan, 1994 [Ha-Kelev She-Diber (Al Ha-Milchama)]
A Story About Nimrodon (children-picture bk), Keter, 1997 [Sipur Al Nimrodon]
The Mountaineerʹs Beloved (stories) , Keter, 1999 [Ahuvato Shel Metapes He-Harim]
Honey Dictionary (novel), Gvanim, 2000 [Milon Mahapach]
Yellow Heroes (story), Keter, 2000 [Ha-Giborim Ha-Tzehubim]
The Odyssey (novel) , Keter, 2001 [Odiseʹa]
Dream Recipes (novel), Babel, 2002 [Matkonei Chalomot]
Blue Has No South (stories) , Am Oved, 2005 [Le-Kachol Ein Darom]
Lunar Savings Time [Shortcuts Home] (stories), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2010 [Kitzurei Derech Habayta]
For My Next Illusion I Will Use Wings (stories), Carmel, 2012 [La-Kesem Ha-Ba Ezdakek Li-Chnafayim]
Recalculating Love [digital book] (stories), Indiebook, 2013 [Mechashev Ahava Me-Chadash]
First-Hand from the Author (stories), Indiebook, 2014 [Yad Rishona Mi-Sofer]

Books in Translation

English: Northampton, MA, Clockroot Books, 2010

Selected Stories
Russian: Moscow, Muravei, 2006

Lunar Savings Time [Shortcuts Home]
English: Northampton, MA, Clockroot Books, 2011
French: Bordeaux, Éditions do, 2017