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Avigdor Hameiri

Avigdor Hameiri (1890-1970) was born in Carpatho, Ukraine (then Hungary), as Avigdor Feuerstein. He published his first poem in Hebrew in 1907 and his first book of poetry five years later. In 1916, he was captured by the Russians while serving as an Austrian officer on the Russian front. He was imprisoned in Siberia and released in 1917 after the October Revolution. Hameiri immigrated to Palestine in 1921, joined the staff of the daily Haaretz, and was editor of several literary and cultural journals. In 1932, he founded the first social satirical theater in Hebrew in Tel Aviv. Hameiri wrote well over 30 books, including poetry, novels, short stories, non-fiction and children's books. He was awarded the Bialik Institute Prize (1936), the Nordau Prize (1945), the Miriam Talphir Prize (1965) and the Israel Prize (1968). 

Books Published in Hebrew            
Poems by Avigdor Feuerstein, Budapest: The Zionist Organization In Hungary, 1912 [Mi-Shirei Avigdor Feuerstein: Kovetz Rishon]
Ingathering of the Exiles (play), Kupat Hasefer, Jewish National Fund, 1924 [Kibbutz Galuyot: Apotheoza]
Under Red Skies (War Stories: 1), Haktav, 1925 [Tcahat Shamayim Adumim: Sipurei Milchama: 1]
Mother's Milk (poetry), Haktav, 1925 [Shirei Avigdor Hameiri: Chalev Em: 1903-1909]
Jacob's Bow (War Stories: 2), Haktav, 1926 [Keshet Yaakov: Sipurei Milchama: 2]
Tree of the Field (story), P. Ginzburg, 1927 [Etz-Ha-Sadeh]
In the Name of Rabbi Jesus from Nazareth (War Stories: 3), Lema'an Hasefer, 1928 [Be-Shem Rabbi Yeshu Mi-Natzeret: Sipurei Milchama: 3] 
The Great Madness (novel), Mitzpeh, 1929; rev. ed. 1930; Y. Sreberk, 1946; Goren, 1985; Dvir, 1989 [Ha-Shigaon Ha-Gadol: Reshimot Katzin Ivri Ba-Milchama Ha-Gdola] 
Between Men Teeth (non-fiction), Hashahar, 1929 [Bein Shinei Ha-Adam: Re'inoa-Odessa 1919-1920]
Ferno on Earth [two vols./ one vol.] (novel), Mitzpeh, 1932; Y. Sreberk, 1946; rev. ed. Dvir, 1989 [Ba-Geihinom Shel Mata: Reshimot Katzin Ivri Bi-Shvi Rusia]
On Men and Animals (children), Yavneh, 193? [Al Ha-Adam Ve-Al Ha-Behema]
Two-Legged and Four-Legged (children), Yavneh, 193? [Mehalchei Shtayim Ve-Arba]   
The Wisdom of Animals (children), Eretz, 1933; Sinai, 1954; 1982 [Chochmat Ha-Behemot]
The Book of Poems, Am Hasefer, 1933 [Sefer Ha-Shirim]
Bounty [two vols. / one vol.] (novel), Mitzpeh, 1934; Y. Sreberk, 1947 [Tnuva]
On the Blood (non-fiction), Lev Hadash, 1936 [Al Ha-Dam]
Towards a Jewish State or Judean Exile? (non-fiction), Hamahar, 1938; ext. ed. 1939 [Likrat Medina Ivrit O Galut Yehuda?]
Are We Ready for the Kingdom? (non-fiction), Hamahar, 1938 [Ha-Muchsharim Anu Le-Malchut?]
Travelling in Wild Europe (travel), Va'ad Hayovel, R. Mass, 1938 [Masa Be-Eiropa Ha-Pir'it: Rishmei Agav Anachroniyim]
The Primal Hebrew (non-fiction), Yavneh, 1942 [Ha-Ivri Ha-Kadmon: Masat-Nisayon Le-Cheker Mekor Ha-Shorashim Ha-Ivriyim]
Under Red Skies (Collected War Stories), Massada, 1944 [Tachat Shamayim Adumim (Kol Sipurei Ha-Milchama)] 
Between the Nights (novellas), Yavneh, 1944 [Bein Laila Le-Laila]
The Singing Pyre (poetry), Bialik Institute, 1944 [Ha-Moked Ha-Ran]
Schoolboy Dreams (poetry), Sifriat Poalim, 1945 [Chalomot Shel Beit-Raban: Machzor Shirim]
A World Without a Guardian, Am Oved, 1946 [Ha-Olam Lelo Shomer]
Lie (story), Yedioth Ahronoth, 1947 [Sheker]  
The White Messiah [two vols.] (novel), Y. Sreberk, 1947 [Ha-Mashiach Ha-Lavan]
Pinocchio in the Land of Israel (children), Mitzpeh, 1950 [Pinocchio Be-Eretz Israel]
Revolution in the Jungle: Ten Tales (children), N. Twersky, 1951 [Ha-Mahapecha Be-Ya'ar-Ad: Eser Ma'asiyot U-Ma'asiya Achat Kshura Ba-Shniya]
The Universe: Astronomy for Youth and for Everyone (youth), Sinai, 1951 [Ha-Yekum: Astronomya La-Noar Ve-La-Kol]
The Gifted Body (stories), Ayin, 1951; Ministry of Defense/ Sifriat Tarmil, 1980 [Ha-Guf Ha-Ge'oni (16 Sipurim)]
Seleted Stories, Idit, 1954 [Mivchar Sipurei Avigdor Hameiri]
Socrates' Secret (novel), Idit, 1955 [Sodo Shel Socrates: Roman Mi-Tkufat Yavan Ha-Atika]
Children and Holydays in Israel (children), Sinai, 1957 [Yeladim Ve-Chagim Be-Israel]
Come to Eat! (children), Sinai, 1957 [Bo'u Le'echol!: Sipur Katan Le-Yaldei Ha-Gan]
Blessed Be the Match (play), Niv, 1958 [Ashrei Ha-Gafrur: Chazon Ha-Gvura Ve-Hatehila Shel Hannah Senesh]
In a Pavement of Sapphire (poetry), Bialik Institute, 1962 [Be-Livnat Ha-Sapir]
Bialik on the Spot (non-fiction), Niv, 1962 [Bialik Al-Atar: (Sichot-Dagesh Ve-Sichot Chetef)]
Yossele Teglashi (poetry), Massada, 1967 [Yossele Teglashi: Shir Gvura]
War Stories, Am Oved, 1970 [Sipurei Ha-Milchama]
Selected Poems, Yachdav, The Hebrew Writers Association, 1976 [Yalkut Shirim]
Revolution in the Jungle (children-picture bk), Goren, 1985 [Ha-Mahapecha Be-Ya'ar-Ad)           



Books in Translation

Hell on Earth
English: New York, Vantage Press, 1952; Haifa, Or-Ron, 1984; Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 2017
Hungarian: Budapest, Mult es Jovo, 2009 

Selected Poems  
Hungarian: Budapest, Mult es Jovo, 2006 


Avigdor Hameiri