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Ilan Sheinfeld

Ilan Sheinfeld was born in Israel in 1960. He has an MA in Hebrew and English literature from Tel Aviv University, where he taught Hebrew literature. Sheinfeld has worked as a newspaper editor, literary critic and has written on cultural topics. He was the founding editor of an Israeli journal on literature and theory, was spokesman for the Cameri Theater and owned a public relations office. In 1998 Sheinfeld founded a publishing house specializing in gay literature, and he also teaches writing workshops. He was awarded the Liv-Goldenberg Foundation Award (2001), the Kugel Prize twice (1988; 2013) and the Prime Minister's Prize (2015). 

Ilan Sheinfeld

Books Published in Hebrew

Enchanted Lizard, Martef 29/ Eked, 1981 [Letaʹa Mechushefet]
Making Love with the Tongue, Dvir, 1984 [Osim Ahava Ba-Lashon: Shirim 1977-1983]
Lines to a Friend in Parting, Aleph, 1987 [Turim Le-Reʹa Bi-Freda]
It Begins with Love, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1989 [Ve-Reshito Ahava]
Temporary, Tamuz/ Writers Association, 1992 [Araʹi]
Taschlich, Tag, 1994 [Tashlich]
Karet, Shufra, 1997 [Karet]
The Tourist Guide, Shufra, 2003 [Ha-Madrich La-Tayar]
Poetry Treasure, Shufra, 2013 [Otzar Shirim]
The Book of Change, Shufra, 2017 [Sefer Ha-Tmura]
The Tarot Poems, Shufra, 2017 [Shirei Ha-Tarot]
On the Essence of the Justin, Shufra, 2017 [Al Mahuto Shel Ha-Jastin]
Poets School: The Writers Manual (non-fiction), Shufra, 1997 [Beit Sefer Li-Mshorerim: Madrich Maʹasi Le-Sofrim U-Li-Mshorerim]
Shedletse (novel), Shufra, 1999 [Shedletz: Zichronot]
Only You (novel), Shufra, 2000 [Rak Ata]
The Poetry Workshop (non-fiction), Shufra, 2005 [Ha-Sadna Le-Shira]
A Tale of a Ring (novel) , Keter, 2007 [Maʹaseh Be-Tabaʹat ]
When the Dead Returned (novel), Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, 2012 [Kshe-Ha-Metim Chazru]
The Jewish Pirate's Wife (novel), Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, 2017 [Eshet Ha-Pirat Ha-Yehudi]
From the Heart of Tel Aviv (youth), Dvir, 1984 [Min Ha-Lev Shel Tel-Aviv]
Peace (children-picture bk), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1989 [Shalom]
Margolis’ Strange Book (children) , Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1991 [Ha-Sefer Ha-Meshuneh Shel Margolis]
There is no Such Bird: Kortsipa (children-picture bk), Shufra, 1999 [Eyn Tzipor Kazo, Kortsipa]
A Kingdom Named Collision (children-picture bk), Shufra, 2007 [Mamlacha U-Shma Kolisya]

Books in Translation

English: Amazon Digital Services, 2015; Tel Aviv, Shufra For Fine Literature, 2016
Spanish:Amazon Digital Services, 2015 

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