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Joshua Sobol

Joshua Sobol was born in Israel in 1939. He graduated in philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris. A leading Hebrew playwright, Sobol has been artistic director of the Haifa Theater; he has also taught esthetics and directed theater workshops at Tel Aviv University as well as at various colleges. Sobol has written over 60 plays, many of which have been performed in Europe and the USA to great critical acclaim. Soul of a Jew was performed at the Edinburgh, Berlin and Chicago Festivals and has been produced in Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, the USA and Russia. His play Ghetto won the London Critics' and the Evening Standard awards for Britain's Best Play of the Year in 1989, and has been staged in leading theaters worldwide. Witness was performed at the Heidelberg Theater Festival, 2005, and was produced at the Mark Taper Theater in Los Angeles. His polydrama Alma has been playing for the last 18 years in Austria, Italy, Portugal, USA, Germany and Israel. Sobol's novel Silence was nominated for the Sapir Literary award. In 2013 Sobol was awarded the Golden Medal of the City of Vienna in recognition of his long-standing theatrical innovation on the stages of Austria’s capital, and in 2014 he received the Culture Minister's Zionism Prize for Village

Joshua Sobol

Books Published in Hebrew

The Night of the Twentieth, Proza, 1977; Or-Am, 1990 [Leil Ha-Esrim]
Soul of a Jew, Or-Am, 1982 [Nefesh Yehudi - Ha-Laila Ha-Aharon Shel Otto Weininger]
Ghetto, Or-Am, 1984 [Ghetto]
The Palestinian, Or-Am, 1985 [Ha-Palestinait]
Jerusalem Syndrome, Or-Am, 1987 [Syndrom Yerushalayim]
adam, Or-Am, 1989 [Adam]
In the Basement, Or-Am, 1990 [Ba-Martef]
Solo, Or-Am, 1991 [Solo]
You Have to Ring Twice, Sobol, 1992 [Tzarich Letzaltzel Pa’amayim]
An Eye for an Eye, Sobol, 1994 [Ayin Be-Ayin]
Village, Or-Am, 1996 [Kfar]
Alma, Or-Am, 1999 [Alma]
The Masked Ball, Or-Am, 2001 [Neshef Masechot]
Strangers, Or-Am, 2004 [Zarim]
Witness, Or-Am, 2004 [Ed Reiya]
Kol Nidrei, Or-Am, 2004 [Kol Nidrei]
Real Time, Or-Am, 2005 [Zman Emet]
A Working-Class Hero, Or-Am, 2006 [Gibor Maʹamad Ha-Poalim]
Honey, Or-Am, 2008 [Dvash: (Ha-Laila Ha-Shlishi)]
Kolʹs Last Hour, Or-Am, 2008 [Sheʹato Ha-Ahrona Shel Kol]
I Am Not Dreyfus, Or-Am, 2008 [Ani Lo Dreyfus]
Libera Me, Or-Am, 2009 [Kolot Balaila]
Homewards, Or-Am, 2010 [Habaita Habaita]
An Exemplary Husband, Or-Am, 2011 [Baʹal Le-Mofet]
Sinners, Or-Am, 2011 [Hotʹim: Ha-Mora Le-Anglit]
Silence (novel) , Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 2000 [Shtika]
Whiskey’s Fine (novel) , Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 2005 [Whiskey Ze Be-Seder]
Here and Now: Amir Peretz and the Israeli Situation (non-fiction), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2006 [Kan Ve-Achshav: Amir Peretz Ve-Ha-Matzav Ha-Israeli]
A Hair in the Crime Scene [with Ruthi Helbitz Cohen] (poetry), Halfi, 2011 [Saʹara Bi-Mkom Ha-Pesha]
A Pass to Freedom (novel), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2017 [Chufshat Shichrur]
The Days to Come [Haifa, 1971]
Status Quo Vadis [Haifa, 1973]
Sylvester 72 [Haifa, 1974]
The Joker [Haifa, 1975]
Nerves [Haifa, 1976]
The Night of the Twentieth [Haifa, 1976]
Gog & Magog Show [Haifa, 1977]
Rependance [Tzavta, 1977]
Tenants [Haifa, 1977]
Homeward Angel [Habima, 1978]
Wedding Night [Habima, 1978]
The Last Worker [Beit Lessin, 1980]
Wars of the Jews [Khan, 1981]
Weiningerʹs Night [Haifa, 1982]
Ghetto [Haifa, 1984; HMT & Freie Volksbühne, Berlin, 1984]
Passodoble [Tzavta, 1984]
Palestinian Girl [Haifa, 1985]
Countdown [Tzavta, 1986]
King of Israel [Haifa, 1986]
Jerusalem Syndrom [Haifa, 1987]
Adam [Habima, 1989]
Underground [Yale Repertory, New Haven, 1991]
The Dreamer [Tel Aviv University, 2005]
Solo [Habima, 1991; De Appel, The Hague, 1991]
A and B [Dortmunder Schauspielhous, Dortmund, 1991]
Eye to Eye [Nationaltheater Mannheim, Mannheim, 1994]
Nice Toni [Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Düsseldorf, 1994; Khan, 1994]
Love for a Penny [Yiddishpill, 1994]
Schneider and Schuster [Theater Basel, Basel, 1994; Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin, 1994]
The Father (with Niklas Frank) [Viener Festwochen, Vienna, 1995]
Bloody Nathan [Volkstheater, Vienna, 1996]
Alma [Viener Festwochen, Vienna, 1996]
Village [Gesher, 1996]
Ring Twice (Libera Me) [Royal National Theatre, Oslo, 1997]
Honey [Haifa, 1997]
Ma Ni Ma Mama [Tzavta, 1997]
Strangers [Habima, 1999]
Falco [Ronacher Theater, Vienna, 2000]
Gebirtig [Yiddishpill, 2000]
The Masked Ball [Haifa, 2001]
Crocodils [Herzliya Ensemble, 2001]
17 Top [De Theatercompagnie, Amsterdam, 2002]
Eyewitness [Cameri, 2003]
Love in Dark Times [Theater Drachengasse, Vienna, 2005]
Kol Nidrei [Herzliya Ensemble, 2005]
Real Time [Habima, 2005]
A Working Class Hero [Cameri, 2006]
Kolʹs Last Hour [Tmuna, 2007]
I Am Not Dreyfus [Cameri, 2007]
Charming Life [Theater Drachengasse, Vienna, 2007]
Wanderers [Theater Drachengasse, Vienna, 2008]
Libera Me (Voices in the Night) [Theater Drachengasse, Vienna, 2009; Cameri, 2009]
Purimspiel [Cambran Keller, Linz, 2009]
Darfur at Home [Tel Aviv University, 2009]
Jew Süss [Nibelungen Festival, Worms, 2010]
An Exemplary Husband [Cameri, 2011]
Sinners [Cameri, 2011]
The Merchant of Stuttgart [Schauspielbühnen Stuttgart, Stuttgart, 2013]
Or Not to Be [Theater Drachengasse, Vienna, 2013]
Melting Pussy [Tmuna, 2013]
Citrus Blossom [Tmuna, 2014]
Raft of the Medusa [RADA, London, 2014]
Wandering Stars [Yiddishpiel, 2016]
Blood Money: Adenauer's Way [Schauspielbühnen Stuttgart, Stuttgart, 2016]
A Black Cat Has Passed [Tmuna, 2017]

Books in Translation

Dutch: Amsterdam, Byblos, 2001
German: Munich, Luchterhand, 2001; pback: 2003
German: Munich, Luchterhand, 2005; pback: Munich, btb, 2008
English: New Jersey, Melville, 2010

Soul of a Jew
English: Tel Aviv, International Theatre Institute, 1983
Spanish: Barcelona, Rio Piedras, 1984
German: Bremen, Litag Teater, 1986; Vienna, Europa, 1989
Hungarian: Budapest, Nagyvilag, 1988
French: Paris, Cahiers Bernard Lazare, 1991

German: Berlin, Quadriga, 1984
Norwegian: Oslo, Det Norske Teatret, 1985
English: Tel Aviv, The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature, 1986; London, Nick Hern Books, 1989
French: Lyons, La Manufacture, 1986
Hungarian: Budapest, Madach Szinhaz, 1990
Turkish: Istanbul, Can Yayinlari, 1994
Italian: Naples, Plural, 1988; Catanzaro, Abramo, 2004

The Palestinian
German: Bremen, Litag Teater, 1988

The Night of the Twentieth
Spanish: Jerusalem, Dept. de Educacion - Organizacion Sionista Mundial, 1977
English & French: Tel Aviv, The Institute for theTranslation of Hebrew Literature, 1978

English/French: St.Etienne, University of St-Etienne-CIEREC, 1994