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Tropic of Venus

Uri Adelman
Yoav Noyman is far from the innocent type. A young law student, he is satisfied with a modest apartment that he shares with a friend. One day, a pretty young woman named Noga (the Hebrew name for Venus) walks into his life and gets him mixed up in a murder affair. It all begins when Shiri, a childhood friend, persuades Yoav to make a play for the sad, young woman sitting alone in the corner cafe across the street. "You can be her birthday present," Shiri tells Yoav, and he accepts the challenge. Yoav doesn’t know that the young woman is married to Gidon Kochavi, the founder and CEO of a large commercial business. He also doesn't know that Shiri is using him to get what she wants. She plans to photograph him with Noga, and send the pictures to her jealous husband. Her goal is to cause Gidon to leave his wife and fall in love with her. What starts out as an innocent flirtation between Yoav and Noga turns into a full-blown love story. And love is known to impair one's judgment. Yoav fails to see that Noga is not as pure as driven snow. Matters get complicated when someone pushes Shiri to her death from her apartment window. The police suspect Yoav, but our hero is certain that Gidon, the unpleasant husband, is to blame. In the end, Yoav discovers that Noga pushed Shiri out of the window, and that she has no intention of leaving her husband or the good life he gives her. Certainly not for a poor student like Yoav.

Title Tropic of Venus
Author’s Last Name Adelman
Author's First Name Uri
Genre suspense
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2000
No. Pages 322 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Be-Siman Venus
Representation Represented by ITHL