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The Teenager from Bordeaux

Dorit Orgad
AGE: 11-16

This is the third book in Dorit Orgad`s historical trilogy about conversos, Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity at the time of the Spanish Inquisition, and it describes the breathtaking adventures of 15-year-old Jacques. The son of a wealthy art dealer in Bordeaux, France, Jacques discovers that he belongs to a family of conversos who fled Spain. Jacques` father considers himself a Christian, but his uncle’s family observe Jewish customs in secret. His uncle and aunt set sail for Brazil and Jacques, who came to see them off, remains in the ship`s hold. During the voyage, Muslim pirates seize the vessel. Jacques is wounded and loses consciousness while trying to protect his aunt. When he comes to, he remembers nothing. Luckily the captain is friendly and lets him join the crew, but soon they are attacked by Corsican pirates who take over the ship after a bloody battle. Jacques is sold into slavery and ends up on the island of Malta, where he becomes a groom in the service of a knightly order. Here he meets up with a Jewish girl he first met on the pirate ship, and when he sees her lighting Sabbath candles, his memory returns. Now he knows who he is, who his parents are, and what people he belongs to.

Illustrations: Avi Katz

Title The Teenager from Bordeaux
Author’s Last Name Orgad
Author's First Name Dorit
Genre youth
Publisher (Hebrew) Shazar Center
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2010
No. Pages 157 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ha-Naʹar mi Bordeaux
Representation Represented by ITHL



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