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Shoham Smith

Shoham Smith was born in Jerusalem in 1966 and currently lives in Tel Aviv. Smith studied industrial design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and literature at Tel Aviv University. She writes book reviews and is a translator. Smith has published collections of short stories and a number of children's books. She received the Prime Minister's Prize (2009), the ACUM Award for Furthering the Publication of Children's Books twice (2011; 2015), the Devorah Omer Prize for A Treasury of Hebrew Legends for Children (2014) and the Lea Goldberg Prize for My Aunt Lea Goldberg (2017).

Shoham Smith

Books Published in Hebrew

Things that My Heart Fails to Tell (stories) , Keter, 1996 [Libi Omer Li She-Zichroni Boged Bi]
HomeCenter (stories), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2002 [HomeCenter]
Take Away (story), Zmora-Bitan, 2002 [Take Away]
The brides' dressess (graphic novels) , 2018
Signs in the Well (children-picture bk) , Kinneret, 2013 [Ot Ba-Be'er: Al Pi Agadat Chazal]
Quick Land (children-picture bk), Keter, 1997 [Eretz Tik-Tak]
A Nuisance Moon (children-picture bk), Tammuz, 1999 [Yareʹach Nudnik]
Gombotz and Karchibachi (children-picture bk), Zmora-Bitan, 2001 [Gombotz Ve-Karchibachi]
Who Drank My Juice? [with Rutu Modan] (children-picture bk) , Sifriat Poalim, 2004 [Mi Shata Li]
Six Great Heroes: From World Mythology (children), Kinneret, 2006 [Shisha Giborim Gdolim: Ba-Mitologyot Shel Amei Ha-Olam]
Mythological Monsters from Ancient Greece (children-picture bk), Anonima, 2007 [Miflatzot Mitologiyot Shel Yavan Ha-Atika]
A Day in Jerusalem (children-picture bk), Anonima, 2008 [Yomtiyul Yerushalayim]
Six Great Heroines: From World Mythology (children), Kinneret, 2008 [Shesh Giborot Gdolot Ba-Mitologyot Shel Amei Ha-Olam]
Porridge for Daddy (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 2010 [Aba Achal Daysa]
A Treasury of Hebrew Legends for Children (children), Dvir, 2011 [Ha-Agadot Shelanu: Otzar Ha-Agada Ha-Ivrit Li-Yeladim]
City Boy (children), Kinneret, 2012 [Yeled Ir]
An After Bedtime Story (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 2014 [Sipur Acharei Ha-Sheina]
The Fox and the Grapes (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 2014 [Mashal Al Shual]
Yakinton: A Story about Friendship and Song (children), Kinneret, 2015 [Yakinton: Sipur Al Chaverut Ve-Shir]
Six Great Cunning Stories from World Mythology (children), Kinneret, 2015 [Shesh Tachbulot Gdolot Ba-Mitologyot Shel Amei Ha-Olam]
The Legend of Astrid (children), Zeltner, 2015 [ Agadat Astrid: Sipura Shel Astrid Lindgren]
My Aunt Lea Goldberg (children), Kinneret, 2016 [Doda Lea: Me'et Shumish]
The Legend of Kamtza and Bar-Kamtza (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 2016 [Agadat Kamtza U-Var-Kamtza]
Avera: The Journey to Painting (children-picture-bk), 2016 [Avela: Ha-Masa El Ha-Tziyur]
Sand Dunes Child: Six Stories in the Footsteps of S. Yizhar (youth), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2017 [Yeled Cholot: Shisha Sipurim Be-Ikvot S. Yizhar]
Who Invented School Anyway? (children) , Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, 2019 [Mi Bichlal Himtzi et Beit Ha-Sefer?]

Books in Translation

A Day in Jerusalem
German: Munich, Pattloch, 2010.

Porridge for Daddy
French: Grenoble, P’tit Glenat, 2012
German: Leipzig, Klett Kinderbuch, 2012

The Book of Legends
Portuguese: Sao Paulo, Companhia das Letrinhas, 2013

An After Bedtime Story
English: New York, Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2016
French: Paris, Cambourakis, 2017

Signs in the Well

Spanish: Or Yehuda, Kineret, 2018

The Legend of Kamtza and Bar-Kamtza

Italian: Firenze, Giuntina, 2019


Who Invented School Anyway?

Chinese (simplified): 2020