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David Vogel

David Vogel (1891-1944), was born in Satanov, Podolia (now Russia) to a religious family. His father died when he was quite young. From the age of 20, Vogel traveled to the well-known centers of Jewish culture in Eastern Europe. He was living in Vienna when World War I broke out, and he was arrested as an enemy alien. Some of his early poems date from that period. In 1923 Vogel published his first book of poetry. He left Austria for Paris in 1925 and lived there for three years, devoting part of his time to writing fiction in Hebrew. Vogel came to Tel Aviv in 1929, but left for Berlin after a year and later settled in Paris. After the outbreak of World War II, he was imprisoned by the French as an Austrian citizen, and later by the Nazis as a Jew. In 1944, he was deported to Auschwitz, where all trace of him disappeared.
Secular and assimilated, Vogel's fiction reflects the tortured relationship between Jewish intellectuals and Europe of the early 20th century. His lyric poetry was a daring departure from the Hebrew verse of his time, and was strongly influenced by the Impressionism and Expressionism of central European writing. The last decades have witnessed renewed interest in Vogel's prose; the republication of his work in Hebrew has established his position as one of Hebrew literature's great innovators as well as a leading central European writer.
In 2014, Married Life was included in The Independent's list of Books of the Year in Translation.

David Vogel

Books Published in Hebrew

Before the Dark Gate (poetry), Vienna: Mahar, 1923; Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2012 [Lifnei Ha-Sha’ar Ha-Afel]. See Collected Poems below
In the Sanatorium (novella) , Mitzpeh, 1927; Tarmil, 1974; Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 1990 [in: Extinguished Stations. Hebrew edition: Prof. Menakhem Perry, from manuscripts; Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 2008 [Be-Veit Ha-Marpeh]
Married Life (novel) , Mitzpeh, 3 vols.: 1929-1930; Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, Keter, 1986 [Hebrew edition: Prof. Menakhem Perry, from manuscripts]; Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 2000 [Chayei Nisuʹim]
Facing the Sea (novella) , 1934; M. Neumann/ Siman Kriah, 1974 [Hebrew edition: Prof. Menakhem Perry, from manuscripts]; Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 1990 [in: Extinguished Stations]; Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 2005 [Nochach Ha-Yam]
Collected Poems (poetry) , The Hebrew Writers Association, Machbarot Lesifrut, 1966; rev. ed. The Hebrew Writers Association, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1971; 1975; rev. ed. Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1998 [Kol Ha-Shirim]
Towards Silence (poetry), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1983 [Le-Ever Ha-Dmama]
They All Went Out to Battle [adapted and translated from the author׳s draft in Yiddish by Menakhem Perry] (novel) [Kulam Yatzʹu La-Krav]. See: Extinguished Stations, below
The End of Days (diary) [Ktzot Ha-Yamim]. See: Extinguished Stations, below
Extinguished Stations [Hebrew edition: Prof. Menakhem Perry, from manuscripts] (novellas, novel, story, diary) , Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 1990 [Tachanot Kavot]
Viennese Romance [Hebrew edition: Lilach Nethanel & Youval Shimoni, from the manuscript] (novel) , Am Oved, 2012 [Roman Vinaʹi]

Books in Translation

Italian: Milan, Anabasi, 1993; Florence, Passigli, 2011
German (with Facing the Sea): Munich, Paul List, 1994; Berlin, Aufbau, 2013
Dutch: Amsterdam, Meulenhoff, 1994; Amsterdam, Atheneum, forthcoming
French: Paris, Mercure de France, 2000
English (with Facing the Sea): Sydney, Scribe, 2013
Spanish: Barcelona, Minuscula, forthcoming
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Russian: Moscow/Jerusalem, Mosti Kulturi/Gesharim, 2003
Turkish: Istanbul, Yapi Kredi, 2012
English: New York, New American Library, 1983 [In: Eight Great Hebrew Short Novels]; new ed. New York/London, Toby Press, 2005 [same]; Sydney, Scribe, 2013
French: Arles, Actes Sud, 1988
Spanish: Barcelona, Riopiedras, 1989 [In Eight Great Hebrew Short Novels]; Barcelona, Minuscula, forthcoming
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German (with: In the Sanatorium): Munich, Paul List, 1994; Berlin, Aufbau, 2013
Albanian: Tirane, Dituria, 1996 [In: Contemporary Fiction from Israel]
They All Went Out to Battle
: Paris, Denoel, 1993
German: Munich, Paul List, 1995 [In: The End of Days]
Dutch: Amsterdam, Meulenhoff, 2005
Spanish: Zaragoza, Xordica, 2017 

The End of Days
German: Munich, Paul List, 1995; Berlin, Aufbau, 2013  [with: They All Went Out to Battle]

Selected Poems
English (The Dark Gate): London, Menard Press, 1976
French (Un Amas de nuit): Geneva, Metropolis, 1997

English: Sydney, Scribe, 2013
German: Berlin, Aufbau, 2013; pback: 2015; ebook: 2017; 2017
Spanish: Barcelona, Minuscula, 2013
Italian: Florence, Giuntina, 2014
Dutch: Amsterdam, Atheneum, 2014
Turkish: Istanbul, Yapi Kredi, 2015
French: Paris, Ed. de l"Olivier, 2014; Montréal, Vues & voix, 2015