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Aharon Amir

Aharon Amir (1923-2008) was born in Lithuania and grew up in Tel Aviv. He studied Arabic language and literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem during the British Mandate. During this time, he was a member of the anti-British underground . Most notably, he was a founding member of the Canaanite movement, which saw Hebrew or Israeli culture as defined by geographical location rather than by religious affiliation. Amir translated widely from English and French into Hebrew, including the work of Melville, Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Camus, Joseph Conrad, Virginia Woolf, Winston Churchill and de Gaulle. He founded and edited the literary magazine Keshet, which he closed in 1976 after 18 years of publication, to concentrate on his own writing. He was awarded the Prime Minister`s Prize in 2005.

Books Published in Hebrew
Qadim (poetry), Machbarot Lesifrut, 1949 [Kadim]
Love (stories), Machbarot Lesifrut, 1951 [Ahava]
And Death Shall Have No Dominion (novel), Tzohar, 1955; Massada, 1988 [Ve-Lo Tehi La-Mavet Memshala]
Seraph (poetry), Machbarot Lesifrut, 1957 [Saraf]
Nun [trilogy, vol. 1] ) (novel), Massada, 1969 [Nun: O Duach Al Tzir'a Ke-Ish Tza'ir]
Yated (poetry), Levin-Epstein, 1970 [Yated]
Prose (stories), Hadar, 1972 [Proza]
A Perfect World (novel), Massada, 1975 [Olam She-Kullo Tov]
A Separate Peace (poetry), Massada, 1979 [Shalom Nifrad]
Aphrodite or the Organized Tour (novella), Maariv, 1984 [Afroditi O Ha-Tiyul Ha-Meurgan]
Heres (poetry), Zmora-Bitan, 1984 [Cheres]
Nun 48 [trilogy, vol. 2] (novel), Hadar, 1985 [Nun 48: O Duach Al Kipod]
Nun 67 [trilogy, vol. 3] (novel), Massada, 1989 [Nun 67: Duach Al Ish Ke-Etz Shatul]
Side Load (non-fiction), Yaron Golan, 1991 [Mit'anei-Tzad: Leket Ma'amarim 1949-1989]
The Clouds Return After the Rain (poetry), Bialik Institute, 1991; Carmel, 2000 [Ve-Shavu He-Avim Achar Ha-Geshem: Shirim 1943-1991]
Ov (novel), Yedioth Ahronoth, 1994 [Ov]
Aaron's Rod (poetry), Zmora-Bitan, 1996 [Mate Aharon]
And I Do Mine (non-fiction), Yaron Golan, 1997 [Va-Ani Be-Sheli: Iyunim U-Tguvot 1944-1996]
The Villains (novel), 1998 [Ha-Nevalim]
Infiltration (poetry), Carmel, 2001 [Histanenut: Shirim Ve-Shirot]
Pleshet (poetry), Even Hoshen, 2003 [Pleshet]

Books in Translation
And Death Shall Have No Dominion
French (Les Soldats du matin): Paris, Le Seuil, 1961

Aharon Amir

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