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Ortsion Bartana

Ortsion Bartana was born in 1949 in Tel Aviv, and still lives in his native city. He received his MA in literature and philosophy from Tel Aviv University and his PhD in Hebrew literature from Bar Ilan University. He is now professor of Hebrew literature at the Ariel University Center. Bartana has served as chairman of the Hebrew Writers Association and editor of Moznayim, the association's journal, and as president of PEN Israel. He has received several awards, among them the Wollenrod Prize (1982), the Kugel Prize (1993), the Bernstein Prize for Literary Studies (1985; 1993) and the Brenner Prize for Poetry (1997).

Books Published in Hebrew
Every Tree has its Sky, Karni, 1967 [Le-Col Ilan Shamayim]
Tormented Travels, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1975 [Masa'ot Redufim]
Islands and Counties, Sifriat Poalim, 1980 [Iyim U-Mechozot]
A Wonderful Place, Sifriat Poalim, 1987 [Makom Nifla]
Courtyards (poetic prose), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1991 [Chatzerot]
A Stroll Behind the House, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1993 [Tiyul Me-Achorei Ha-Bayit]
Bird in Hand, Bitan, 1996 [Tzipor Ba-Yad: Mivchar Shirim 1967-1996]
Love for Balkonies Plants, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2001 [Ahava Le-Tzimchei Mirpasot]
Noah's Ark. Maybe (satirical poetry), Tamuz, 2006 [Teivat Noach. Ulai]
After the Rain, Keshev, 2015 [Acharei Ha-Geshem: Shirim Chadashim U-Mivchar Shirim 1964-2014] 

Bonfires (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1985 [Sreifot]
The Best Hours are the Night Hours (two novellas), Maariv, 1994 [Ha-Sha'ot Ha-Tovot Hen Sh'ot Ha-Layla]
The Place Where Everything Begins (novel), Emda, 2011 [Ha-Makom She-Bo Ha-Kol Matchil]

Studies in the Works of S. Y. Abramovitz, Dekel, 1979 [Mendele Mocher Sfarim: Iyun Bikorti Be-Michlol Yetzirato Shel Abramovitz] 
Testimonial Readings, Papyrus, 1982 [Edut Kri'a] 
Vouchers and Vanguards, Dvir, 1983 [Tlushim Va-Chalutzim: Hitgabshut Ha-Neio-Romantika Ba-Siporet Ha-Ivrit]
Settling Accounts, Aleph, 1985 [Lavo Cheshbon]
Caution, Israeli Literature, Papyrus, 1989 [Zehirut, Sifrut Eretz-Israelit] 
Fantasy in Israeli Literature in the Last Thirty Years (1960-1989), Papyrus/ Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1989 [Ha-Fantasya Be-Siporet Dor Ha-Medina] 
Israeli Literature in the 1980s, The Hebrew Writers Association, 1993 [Shmonim: Sifrut Israelit Ba-Asor Ha-Acharon] 
My Father, an Interval, Tamuz, 1998 [Avi, Pgishat Beinayim: Shirato Shel B. Mordechai U-Tkufato]
End of Century and Beginning of Century, Eked/ The Academic College of Judea and Samaria, 2001 [Sof Me'a Ve-Saf Me'a]
Literature and Philosophy: Meeting Points, Carmel, 2008 [Sifrut U-Filosofya: Nekudat Mifgash]
The Romantic Riddle Of 'Kochavim Bachutz', Keter, 2014 [Ha-Chida Ha-Romantit Shel Kochavim Ba-Chutz] 

Books in Translation
Selected Poems
Swedish: Tollarp, Studiekamratens, 1995 
Russian: Holon, Moria, 1999
Georgian: Kutaisi, 2003
Georgian: Kutaisi, Kutaisi Univ., 2010

Red & Other Stories
Russian: Moscow, Kniga-Sėfer, 2006

Hidden Light (novella)
Swedish: Kristianstad, Accent, 2001
Georgian: Tbilisi, Royal Univ. of Tbilisi, 2007

The Sea Like in Love (poetry)
Yiddish & Hebrew: Tel Aviv, H. Leyvik, 2011

Ortsion Bartana

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