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Ella Bat-Tsion

Ella Bat-Tsion (Gabriella Elisha), born in Jerusalem in 1954, is a poet and a trained librarian. She has published and edited a poetry journal, and has translated poetry from English and French into Hebrew. Her first poems were published in the early 1970s. Bat-Tsion has received several awards, including the Matti Catz Prize (1972), the ACUM Prize (1975), the Prime Minister's Prize three times (1980; 1996; 2010), the Miriam Talpir Prize (1981) and the Goldberg Prize (1998).

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Books Published in Hebrew
Youth's Happy Pain, The Author, 1971 [Sevel Meushar Shel Neurim]
My Lips Breathed Darkness into the Body, Siman Kriah/ University Publishing Projects, 1973 [Bi-Sfatayim Nashafti Choshech La-Guf]
Night of the Singer, Massada, 1976 [Leil Ha-Zameret]
Verbal Respiration, Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 1980 [Hanshama Milulit]
Another Music, Eichut/ Adam, 1983 [Musika Acheret]
Texts and Mini-Texts, The Author, 1985 [Textim U-Mini-Textim]
, Alef, 1987 [Hashra'a]
The Book of God's Dreams, The Hebrew Writers Association, 1994 [Sefer Ha-Chalomot Shel Elohim]
Painted Writing of Half-Love Half-Hate, Dagesh, 1996 [Ktiva Metzuyeret Shel Chatzi-Ahavah Chatzi-Sin'a]
Sub-Language or Water, Mother, Psyche, Dagesh, 1996 [Sfat Saf O Mayim, Ima, Nefesh]
The Poems of Ella Bat-Tsion, Dagesh, 1997 [Sefer Ha-Shirim Shel Ella Bat-Tsion: Mivchar 1980-1996]
After, Yedioth Ahronot, 2000 [Acharei]

Ella Bat-Tsion