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Blockade Runner

Amos Bar
AGE: 11-16

The 1948 War of Independence, a compelling period in Israel's history, is brought to life in Amos Bar's account, which focuses on the bravery of one company commander.
Zerubavel Horowitz commanded the convoy running a blockade near Jerusalem. The convoy was attacked by the enemy. Horowitz, seeing that the injured could not be evacuated from their armored carrier, ordered all able-bodied soldiers to abandon the vehicle while he covered them with fire. Even then he would not retreat but continued to defend the injured. When Horowitz lost all hope of escaping the enemy, he set fire to the carrier rather than fall prisoner. Uplifting rather than tragic, Horowitz's story leaves readers with a sense of the ultimate sacrifice to which human nature can aspire.

Blockade Runner
Title Blockade Runner
Author’s Last Name Bar
Author's First Name Amos
Genre youth
Publisher (Hebrew) Sreberk
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1977
No. Pages 236 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Poretz Ha-Machsomim
Representation Represented by ITHL