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Lost and Found

Uri Adelman
Everyone seems to be after Gil Sadeh - the police, the Mossad (Israel Intelligence) and several hooligans (just who sent them is unclear). All are intent on wiping him out.
Gil is an Israeli lawyer studying for his doctorate in the United States. He has just landed in Tel Aviv after receiving a puzzling message from his younger brother, Yuval. As soon as he arrives, things occur at a frantic pace, and during the next five action packed days, Gil finds he has powers that would make any undercover agent proud. First, he discovers that his brother has escaped from jail, where he was serving a two-year sentence for criminal negligence in a car accident in which his father was killed. Gil finds the body of an anonymous call girl in his apartment, and exposes previously unknown details about his father. Twenty years ago, his father was forced to resign from the Mossad after a foul up for which he was supposedly responsible. Are the events related? Gil begins to investigate, but he is not alone. His good friend Ron, an efficient, Yuppie-type lawyer, helps him, as do Hela, a bright and attractive journalist and Joe Cohen, a senior executive and good friend of his deceased father. The investigation leads the amateur detectives to a Mossad foul up in Detroit, back in 1974. Three Israeli agents were involved in the mission, aimed at killing off a Lebanese-born double agent. The Arab was not killed, but one of the three Israelis was. Gil discovers that his father was innocent, and that the third agent, the guilty one, is none other than his father’s "friend," Joe Cohen. He was also behind the "accident" for which Yuval was sent to prison. All the pieces come together at the end of this page turner, and Gil clears his father's name.

Adelman's book was on the Israeli best-seller list for several weeks. Ha’Ir wrote: "The closest thing to a perfect Israeli thriller. Run out and buy it."

Adelman Lost and Found
Title Lost and Found
Author’s Last Name Adelman
Author's First Name Uri
Language(s) Hebrew, German, Chinese
Genre suspense
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1998; 2015
No. Pages 349 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Mishva’a Im Ne’elam
Representation Represented by ITHL


German: Frankfurt/Main, Eichborn, 2002
Chinese: Beijing, Qunzhong, 2006

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