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Miriam Akavia

Miriam Akavia (1927-2015) was born in Cracow, Poland. During World War II, she was interned in the Cracow Ghetto, Plaszow, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. She arrived in pre-state Israel in 1946. Akavia, who was a registered nurse, also studied literature and history at Tel Aviv University. She worked in the Jewish Agency, served as Israel's cultural attache in Stockholm and Budapest, and was a translator of Polish and Hebrew literature.
Akavia began publishing in 1975, describing her childhood as well as her Holocaust and post-war experiences. She published fiction, books for children and youth, and non-fiction. She received the Yad Vashem Prize (1978), the Sec Prize (1985), the Korczak Prize (Germany, 1988) and the Prime Minister's Prize (1993).
Miriam Akavia

Books Published in Hebrew

An End to Childhood (youth) , Tamuz, 1975; Yad Vashem, 1998; 2000 [Neurim Be-Shalechet]
The Price (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1977; 1988 [Ha-Mehir]
Galia and Miklosh: Severance of Relations (youth), Sifriat Poalim, 1982 [Galia Ve-Miklosh: Nituk Yechasim]
My Own Vineyard (novel) , Dvir, 1984; rev. ed. 1996 [Karmi Sheli]
Bus Adventure (children), Dvir, 1986 [Harpatkah Be-Otobus]
The Other Way: The Story of a Group (novel), Yedioth Aharonoth, 1992 [Ha-Derech Ha-Aheret: Sipur Ha-Kvutza]
Build a House with Love (children), Kibbutz Dalia, 2001 [Bayit Bonim Be-Ahava]
My Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust (autobiography), Gvanim, 2006 [Hayai U-Sfarai Be-Tzel Ha-Shoah]
In the Land of Korczak (stories & memoirs), Carmel, 2006 [Be-Artzo Shel Janusz Korczak]

Books in Translation

Dutch: Bussum, Strengholt’s Boeken, 1980
English: Essex, Vallentine Mitchell, 1995; rev.ed. 2003
Swedish: Stockholm, Prisma, 1981
German: Guetersloh, Guetersloher, 1983
Polish: Cracow, Wydawnictwo Literackie, 1989; Expanded ed: Auschwitz, Panstwowego Muzeum Oswiecim, 1996
Hungarian: Budapest, Belvarosi Konyvkiado,1999
Russian: Jerusalem/Moscow, Gesharim/Mosti Kulturi, 2006
French: Montricher, Noir Sur Blanc, 1991
Polish: Warsaw, Panstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy, 1990; Crakow, C&D Pubs., 2000
English: London/Portland, Vallentine Mitchel, 2006

Short Stories
German: Guetersloh, Guetersloher, 1985
Polish: Wroclaw, Wydawnictwo Dolnoslaskie, 1992; Poznan, Zysk & Ska, 2000; Cracow, PIW, 2005

Galia and Milkosh: Severance of Relations
Russian: Jerusalem, Aliya, 1991
Polish: Poznan, CIA svaro, 1992; Cracow, Stabill, 2000