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Jacob Fichman

Jacob Fichman (1881-1958) was born in Belz, Bessarabia. He left home at the age of fourteen to travel to Odessa, Warsaw and Vilnius. Fichman settled in Palestine in 1912 but visited Europe several times to carry out editorial assignments. He taught, published textbooks and worked at several publishing houses. He was also on the staff of a Warsaw Hebrew newspaper. In Palestine he edited several journals, and from 1936 to 1942 he was editor of Moznaim, the journal of the Hebrew Writers Association. His first book of poems was published in Warsaw in 1911, and his first collection of essays in Odessa in 1919. Belonging to a transitional generation, his attitude towards the new landscape is basically secular, defining him as a forerunner of the changes in Hebrew poetry, some of which he witnessed in his own lifetime. Fichman received the Aharonovich Prize (1942), the Bialik Prize twice (1945; 1953), the Ussishkin Prize (1947), the Ramat Gan Prize (1956) and the Israel Prize for Literature (1957). 

Books Published in Hebrew
Stems (poetry), Warsaw: Tushiyah, 1911; Warsaw: Zentral, 1914 [Giv'olim; Shirim] 
From the Basket (poetry & prose), Omanut, 1932 [Min Ha-Teneh: Mivchar Shira U-Froza Le-Vatei-Ha-Sefer Ve-La-Am]
Sunny Days (poetry), Stybel, 1934 [Yemei Shemesh: Po'emot]
Shadows on the Fields (poetry), Stybel, 1935 [Tzlalim Al Sadot]
Spring in Samaria (poetry), Sifriat Poalim, 1943 [Aviv Ba-Shomron]
A Corner of the Field (poetry), Schocken, 1944 [Pe'at Sadeh]
Figures from the Past (poetry & prose), Bialik Institute, 1948 [Dmuyot Kdumim: Shira U-Froza]
Rocks of Jerusalem (poetry & essays), Dvir, 1951 [Sla'im Bi-Yerushalayim: Shirim U-Masot]
Garden Beds (poetry & prose), Bialik Institute, 1954 [Arugot: Divrei Shira U-Froza]
Harvest: Selected Works, Massada, 1959 [Asif: Mivchar Yetzirato Shel Yaakov Fichman Be-Shira U-Vi-Froza]
Collected Works, Dvir, 1959 [Kitvei Yaakov Fichman]
Enigmas of Landscape (poetry), Emda/ Bitan, 2001 [Razei Nof: Mivchar Shirim]

Legends and Poems, Warsaw: Mikra, 1909 [Agadot Ve-Shirim]
Abraham Mapu (youth), Moledet, 2013 [Avraham Mapu] 
Judah Loeb Gordon (youth), Moledet, 2013 [Yehuda Leib Gordon: (Bi-Mlot Esrim Shana Le-Moto)]
Prairie: Poems for Children, Frankfurt am Main: Omanut, 1922 [Arava: Shirei Yeladim]
Illustrated Books for Children: 1. At Home and in the Fields; 2. Under the Sky; 3. In The Cold of the North and in the Heat of the South; 4. In Desert and Forest; 5. Admirable Tales of Wild Animals; 6. Delightful Stories about Animals and Children, Warsaw: Zenterl, 1922 [Sfarim Metzuyarim Li-Yeladim: 1. Ba-Bayit U-Va-Sadeh; 2. Tachat Ha-Shamayim; 3. Be-Chom Ha-Darom U-Ve- Kor Ha-Tzafon; 4. Be-Midbar Ve-Ya'ar; 5. Al Chayot Pra'ot Ma'asiyot Na'ot; 6. Al Ba'alei Chayim Vi-Yeladim Sipurim Nechmadim] 
Yossi Travels to Eretz Israel, Omanut, Jewish National Fund, 1931 [Yossi Nose'a Le-Eretz-Israel]
Yossi in Tel Aviv, Omanut, Jewish National Fund, 1931 [Yossi Be-Tel-Aviv]
Whatever Happened to Yossi and Hanan, Omanut, The Jewish National Fund, 1931 [Me'ora'ot Yossi Ve-Hanan]
Defenders of Sdeh Kerem, Omanut, Jewish National Fund, 1932 [Maginei Sdeh-Kerem]
Haim Nahman Bialik: His Life and His Work (youth), Department of Education of Knesset Israel, 1933 [Haim Nahman Bialik: Hayav U-Ma'asav]
To the Sea: Stories, Stybel, 1934 [El Ha-Yam: Sipurim]
Brochures for Children [11 brochures], Stybel, 1935 [Chovrot Li-Yeladim]
Yoktan in Tel Aviv: Story, Stybel, 1936 [Yoktan Be-Tel-Aviv: Sipur]
The Doe of the Valley: Stories, The Writers Association, Massada, 1942 [Ayelet Ha-Emek: Sipurim]
Fishermen on the Yarkon River, Am Oved, 1943 [Dayagim Al Ha-Yarkon]
Yossi in the Galilee: Stories, Massada, 1944 [Yossi Ba-Galil: Sipurim]
Herzl Writes the Jewish State, M. Neumann, 1946 [Herzl Kotev Et Medinat Ha-Yehudim]
Anemone: Poems for Children, Schocken, 1946 [Kalanit: Shirei Yeladim]
Exemplary Lives: Stories of Great People (youth), Massada, 1956 [Chayim Le-Mofet: Sipurim Me-Chayei Anashim Gdolim]
We Leave at Dawn: Poems for Children, Massada, 1959 [Im Shachar Netze'a: Shirim Li-Yeladim]
A New Day: Stories, Massada, 1959 [Yom Chadash]
Spring in the Land of Israel: Stories, Massada, 1959 [Aviv Ba-Aretz: Sipurim]

Reflections (essays), Moriah, 1919 [Bavuot: Divrei Bikoret]
Innovators: Seven Essays, Bialik Institute, Dvir, 1938 [Anshei-Besora: Sheva Masot]
Meetings with Writers (essays), Massada, Bialik Institute, 1942 [Sofrim Be-Chayeihem: Sefer Ha-Pgishot]
Bialik's Poetry (monograph), Bialik Institute, 1946 [Shirat Bialik]
Shining Figures: Notes, Sifriat Poalim, 1947 [Dmuyot Menatznetzot: Reshimot]
At the Workshop (essays), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1951 [Be-Veit-Ha-Yotzer: Masot Al Ba'ayot Ha-Sifrut]
The Odessa Writers (essays), Bialik Institute, 1951 [Amat Ha-Binyan: Sofrei Odessa]
A Generation (essays), Am Oved, 1952 [Bnei Dor: Mesaprim, Meshorerim, Ishim]
The Writers from Poland (essays), Bialik Institute, 1952 [Ruchot Menagnot: Sofrei Polin]
Champions of the Enlightenment (essays), N. Twersky, 1952 [Alufei Ha-Haskala]
Before Spring (essays), Machbarot Lesifrut, 1959 [Be-Terem Aviv]
The Concept of Modern Poetry and Other Essays, The Hebrew Writers Association, Eked, 1982 [Musag Ha-Shira Ha-Modernit: Masot, Dyokna'ot, Reshimot]

Jacob Fichman

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