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Uri Nissan Gnessin

Uri Nissan Gnessin (1879-1913) was born in Starodub, the Ukraine, the son of a rabbi. He studied at his father's yeshiva. Self-educated in secular subjects such as classical and modern languages and literature, he was attracted to the Enlightenment movement and was influenced by Russian literature. Gnessin began to write and edit at an early age. At age 15, together with Yosef Haim Brenner, he started publishing a literary weekly for a small number of friends and readers. At age 18, he joined the editorial staff of a Hebrew newspaper in Warsaw, where he published poems, literary criticism, stories and translations. In 1907 he moved to London, where he assisted Yosef Haim Brenner in the publication of a Hebrew periodical. He then spent several months in Palestine but was unable to adjust, and returned to Russia. He died of a heart attack in Warsaw at the age of 34.
Although Gnessin was provincial, he became a sophisticated romantic writer. Recognized as one of the fathers of modern Hebrew literature, he was among the first to introduce psychologically-oriented fiction into Hebrew literature, and his stream-of-consciousness technique has greatly influenced contemporary authors.            

Books Published in Hebrew
The Shadows of Life (stories), Warsaw: Tushiyah, 1904 [Tzilelei Ha-Chayim: Sipurim Ve-Tziyurim]
Sideways (novella), Ha-Zman [periodical], 1905; Yachdav, The Hebrew Writers Assiciation, 1977 [Hatzida]
The Meal Before the Fast (story), Sefer Ha-Shana [annual], 1906 [Seuda Mafseket]
Meanwhile (novella), London: Nisyonot, 1906 [Beintayim; Beinotayim]
The Time Before (novela), Reshafim [weekly], 1909-1910 [Be-Terem]
In the Gardens (story), Sifrut [periodical], 1910 [Ba-Ganim]
Uproar (story), Hatzfira [daily], 1912 [Ktata]
Beside (novella), Netivot [anthology], 1913; Yachdav, The Hebrew Writers Association, 1965 [Etzel]
Complete Works: First Volume: Stories, Warsaw: Levin-Epstein Printing, 1914 [Kol Kitvei U.N. Gnessin: Kerech Rishon: Sipurim]            
Gnessin's Writings, Ktuvim, 1930 [Kitvei U.N. Gnessin: Sipurim]
The Complete Works of U.N. Gnessin [3 vols], Sifriat Poalim, 1946 [Kitvei Uri Nissan Gnessin]
Collected Works [two vols.], Sifriat Poalim/ Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1982 [Uri Nissan Gnessin: Kol Ktavav]
Beside and Other Stories (novellas & stories), Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Sifriat Poalim, 2011 [Etzel Ve-Sipurim Acherim]

Books in Translation
English: In: Eight Great Hebrew Short Novels, New York, Nal, 1983
Spanish: In: Ocho Obras Maestras de la Narrativa Hebrea, Barcelona, Riopiedras, 1989
French: Paris, Intertextes, 1989; Paris: Noel Blandin, 1991 Yiddish: Warsaw, Vilner Farlag, 1925
The Othello Case            
Yiddish: Berlin, Klal Farlag, 1922            

Beside and Other Stories            
English: New Milford, USA/London, Toby Press, 2005  

Uri Nissan Gnessin