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Judah Leib Gordon

Judah Leib Gordon (1830-1892) was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, and began studying European culture and languages (Russian, German, Polish, French and English) at the age of 17. At 22, he graduated from the government teachers' seminary in Vilnius and in 1853 began his teaching career. Gordon began publishing poetry in 1851. Besides poetry he wrote satirical stories, fables and polemic essays fervently urging the revival of the Hebrew language. He strongly denounced prejudice against Jews, but also fought against the ills of Jewish society and the intransigent religious conservatism of its leaders. He became an advocate of Jewish women, the poor and the oppressed.
In 1865 Gordon became the principal of the Hebrew public school of Telz and later established a girls' school in that city. He gave up teaching in 1872 and moved to St. Petersburg where he served as secretary to the Jewish community and director of the Society for the Promotion of Culture among the Jews.
In 1879 he was jailed for alleged anti-czarist activities. Exonerated in 1880, he returned to St. Petersburg and became editor of a Hebrew-language daily. He also wrote editorials and columns anonymously, and published stories, columns and book reviews under various pseudonyms.

Books Published in Hebrew
The Love of David and Michal (poetry), Vilnius: Romm, 1856 [Ahavat David U-Michal: Shir Yedidot]
Judah's Fables, Vilnius: Romm, 1859 [Mishlei Yehuda: Kvutzat Mishlei Musar Ktuvim Be-Shirim Be-Lashon Yehudit]
Judah's Poems [vol. 1], Vilnius: S.Y. Fuenn & A.Z. Rosenkrantz, 1868 [Shirei Yehuda: Kvutzat Shirim Shonim Be-Lashon Yehudit]
The World as Usual: Two Days and One Night in a Guesthouse (story), Odessa: Hamelitz, 1868; Warsaw: Y. Goldman, 1874; Vilnius: Mordechai Katzenellenbogen, 1904 [Olam Ke-Minhago: Shnei Yamim Ve-Layla Echad Be-Veit Melon Orchim]
The World as Usual: Joy Ends in Sorrow (story), Vilnus: Romm, 1873; Vilnius: Mordechai Katzenellenbogen, 1904 [Olam Ke-Minhago: Achrit Simcha Tuga] 
The Tip of the Yud (poem), Vienna: Ha-Shahar [periodical], 1876; Lvov: Snunit, 1935 [Kotzo Shel Yud]
Collected Poems [4 vols. in 2 books], Agudat Anashim Ohavei Sfat Ever, St. Petersburg, 1884; [6 vols. in 3 books] Vilnius: Modechai Katzenellenbogen, Odessa: N. & A. Bletnitzki, 1898; Vilnius: Modechai Katzenellenbogen, Warsaw: Hatzfira, 1904; [6 vols. in 1 book] Tel Aviv: Dvir, 1929-1935 [Kol Shirei Yehuda Leib Gordon]
Collected Works: Stories, Odessa, Y.H. Ravnitzky & S.D. Hornstein, 1889 [Kol Kitvei Yehuda Leib Gordon: Chelek Rishon: Sipurim]
Judah Leib Gordon's Letters (1858-1892) [two vols.], Warsaw: Shuldberg Bros., 1894-1895 [Igrot Yehuda Leib Gordon (Min Shnat Taryach Ad Tarnav)]
Shortcut [abriged] (story), Odessa: Moriah, 1910; Jerusalem: Moriah, 1922 [Kfitzat Ha-Derech] 
Narrative Poems, New York: Kadimah, 1918 [Shirei-Alila]
Narrative Poems: From Between the Lions Teeth; In the Depths of the Sea, Warsaw: Lapid, 1921 [Po'emot: Bein Shinei Arayot; Bi-Mtzulot Yam]
Selected Poems, Berlin: Klal, 1923 [Mivchar Shirav]
Poems and Narrative Poems, Kohelet, 1928 [Shirim U-Fo'emot]
Collected Works: Prose [two vols.], Dvir, 1928-1929 [Kitvei Y.L. Gordon: Al Nehar Kvar, Pirkei Zichronot, Dvar Yom Be-Yomo; Sipurim]
Selection from His Poems, Fables, Stories and Memories, Dvir, 1929 [Mi-Toch: Shirav, Meshalav, Ma'alot U-Moradot, Kfitzat Ha-Derech, Al Nehar Kvar, Dvar Yom Be-Yomo]
Fables, Omanut, 1930 [Meshalim]
A Flask of Perfume (feuilletons), Dvir, 1936 [Tzelochit Shel Palyaton U-Filitonim Shonim]
A Bunch of Letters to Miriam Markel-Mozessohn, Dfus Azriel, 1937 [Tzror Igrot Yalag: El Miriam Markel-Mozessohn]
Selected Poems, R. Mass, 1939 [Shirim Nivcharim]
Poems of Thought, Fables, Narrative Poems, Schocken, 1942 [Shirei Higayon; Meshalim, Shirei Alila]
Narrative Poems, Poems of Thought and Fables, Niv, 1950 [Shirei Alila, Shirei Higayon U-Meshalim]
Collected Works: Poetry; Prose [two vols.], Dvir, 1959-1960 [Kitvei Yehuda Leib Gordon: Shira; Proza]
The Letters of Miriam Markel-Mozessohn to Judah Leib Gordon
, Bialik Institute, 2004 [Yedidato Shel Ha-Meshorer: Igrot Miriam Markel-Mozessohn El Yehuda Leib Gordon (Yalag)]
To Learn One's Mother Tongue: Collected Translations of J.L. Gordon's Essays in Voschod, 1881-1882, Bialik Institute, 2012 [ Lilmod Et Sfat Ha-Moledet: Ma'amarav Shel Y.L. Gordon Be-'Voschod' Ba-Shanim 1881-1882: Osef Targumim]

Judah Loeb Gordon