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Shulamith Hareven

Shulamith Hareven (1930-2003) was born in Warsaw, Poland. She came to pre-state Israel in 1940 and lived in Jerusalem. She served in the Haganah underground, and was a combat-medic in the 1947-48 siege of Jerusalem. Hareven was one of the founders of the IDF broadcasts and an Officer in Command/Operations in the IDF. During the early 1950s, she worked in transit camps with refugees from Arab countries and served as a war correspondent during the War of Attrition and Yom Kippur War. Hareven was the first woman elected to be a member of the Hebrew Language Academy. She was a longtime member of the spokesteam of the Peace Now movement, and during the first Intifada she entered Arab refugee camps and reported to the Israeli press. She was also a columnist on current social, cultural and political events. In 1995, the French magazine, L'Express, named Shulamith Hareven one of the 100 women "who move the world." Hareven wrote in variety of genres, and her works have been translated into 21 languages. 

Books Published in Hebrew
Poems from the Street Corner [as Shulamith Riftin] (poetry), Sifrut, 1949 [Shirim Mi-Pinat Ha-Rechov] 
Predatory Jerusalem (poetry), Sifriat Poalim, 1962 [Yerushalayim Dorsanit]
In the Last Month (stories), Daga, 1966 [Ba-Chodesh Ha-Acharon]
Separate Places (poetry), Sifriat Poalim, 1969 [Mekomot Nifradim]
Permission Granted (stories), The Hebrew Writers Association, Massada, 1970 [Reshut Netuna]
City of Many Days (novel), Am Oved, 1972 [Ir Yamim Rabim]
I Love to Smell (children), Sifriat Poalim, 1976 [Ani Ohev Lehariach]
Loneliness (stories), Am Oved, 1980 [Bdidut]
The Dulcinea Syndrome (essays), Keter, 1981 [Tismonet Dulcinea: Mivchar Masot]
The Miracle Hater (novella), Dvir, 1983 [Soneh Ha-Nisim]
The Link [as Tal Yaari] (3 suspense stories), Zmora-Bitan, 1986 [Ha-Chuliya: Shlosha Sipurei Metach]
Messiah or Knesset (essays), Dvir, 1987 [Mashiach O Knesset: Masot U-Ma'amarim]
Prophet (novella), Dvir, 1988 [Navi]
Eyeless in Gaza (essays), Zmora -Bitan, 1991 [Ivrim Be-Aza: Sifrut, Mediniyut, Chevra]
The Baloon that Went Away (children-picture bk), Dvir, 1994 [Ha-Balon She-Halach Le-Makom Acher: Sipur Le-Pa'otot]
After Childhood (novella), Dvir, 1994 [Acharei Ha-Yaldut]
Thirst: The Desert Trilogy, Dvir, 1996; 2004 [Tzima'on: Shlishiyat Ha-Midbar]
The Vocabulary of Peace (essays), Zmora-Bitan, 1996 [Otzar Ha-Milim Shel Ha-Shalom: Masot U-Ma'amarim]
So What If I'm All Grown Up? (children), Dvir, 1999 [Ma Ani Ashem She-Ani Gadol?]
Many Days: Autobiography, Babel, 2002 [Yamim Rabim, Otobiyografia]

Books in Translation
City of Many Days
French: Paris, Pierre Belfond, 1990
English: New York, Doubleday, 1977 New York, Popular Library, 1978; pback: San Francisco, Mercury House, 1993
German: Frankfurt am Main, Dvorah, 1993 Frankfurt, Suhrkamp, 1996
Estonian: Tallinn, Loomingu Raamatukogu, 1999

The Miracle Hater
English: San Francisco, North Point Press, 1988
Arabic: Shefaram, Al-Mashriq, 1992
French: Paris, Pierre Belfond, 1993

Arabic: Jerusalem, Alfa Type, 1993
English: San Francisco, North Point Press, 1990
French: Paris, Pierre Belfond, 1993

French: Paris, Fixot, 1991

Twilight & Other Stories
English: San Francisco, Mercury House, 1991

Thirst: The Desert Trilogy
Dutch: Amsterdam, Arena, 1998
English: San Francisco, Mercury House, 1996
Italian: Neri Pose, 1999
French: Geneve, Metropolis, 1999

The Vocabulary of Peace
English: San Francisco, Mercury House, 1995

Shulamith Hareven

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