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Hezy Leskly

Hezy Leskly (1952-1994) was born in Rehovot, Israel, the only son of Czech parents. After leaving high school without graduating he went on to study photography and dance. He began writing at the age of fourteen and published his first poems four years later. At 22 he settled in Holland, where for seven years he studied multi-media at the Open Academy of Art in The Hague. In 1980 he returned to Israel and worked for the next ten years as dance critic for a Tel Aviv weekly. He created several performances and choreographed several dances. His last book was published posthumously.

Books Published in Hebrew
The Finger, Am Oved, 1986 [Ha-Etzba]
Plus and Minus, Am Oved, 1988 [Chibur Ve-Chisur]
The Mice and Leah Goldberg, Bitan, 1992 [Ha-Achbarim Ve-Lea Goldberg]
Dear Perverts, Bitan, 1994 [Sotim Yekarim]
Collected Poems, Am Oved, 2009 [Be'er Chalav Be-Emtza Ir]

Books in Translation
The Finger
Russian: Kaliningrad, PhocaBooks, 2016  

Hezy Leskly

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