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Yehoshua Bar-Yosef

Yehoshua Bar-Yosef (1912-1992) was born in Safed, Israel, was raised in an ultra-Orthodox home and studied at a yeshiva. Later, he left the religious lifestyle and this break is reflected in his writing.
Bar-Yosef worked as a newspaper editor for 10 years, and as a freelance journalist until 1980. He wrote novels, novellas, short stories and plays as well as a historic epic about Safed. He received numerous literary awards, including the Bialik Prize (1984).

Yehoshua Bar-Yosef

Books Published in Hebrew

The Voice of Passion (stories), Kiryat Sefer, 1937; Gazit, 1939 [Kol Ha-Yetzarim]
A Whole Month (play), Mishkan, 1938 [Yerach Yamim]
The Fallen Barrier (novella), Gazit, 1940 [Choma She-Nafla]
At the Sonʹs Wedding (novella), Netzer, 1941 [Ba-Chatunat Ha-Ben]
The Alleys of Jerusalem (play), Achiasaf, 1941 [Be-Simtaʹot Yerushalayim]
The Anonymous (stories), Sifriat Hashaot, 1942 [Ha-Almoni]
Mother of Daughters (novel), Massada/ Bialik Institute, 1943; Twersky, 1952; sifriat Maariv 1988 [Em Ha-Banot]
A Boy in the Street (novella), Hakibbutz Hameuachad, 1945 [Yeled Ba-Rechov]
From a Motherʹs Body (stories), Adi, 1945 [Mi-Gufa Shel Em]
Stories from Meʹah Sheʹarim, Ofer/ Sifron Yedioth Ahronoth, 1946 [Mi-Sipurei Meʹa Sheʹarim]
The New House (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1946 [Ha-Bayit He-Chadash]
A Meeting in Spring (novel), Twersky, 1947 [Pgisha Ba-Aviv]
Negba - Difensive Shield (non-fiction), IDF/ Department of Culture, 1948 [Negba - Chomat Magen]
Magic City (novel) , Twersky, 3 vols.: 1948-1951; Amichai, 2 vols.: 1958; Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1979 [Ir Ksuma]
Battalion Commander Benny (stories & play), Twersky, 1950 [Benny Ha-Magad]
My Husband, the Minister (play), Twersky, 1950 [Baʹali Ha-Minister]
On the Threshold (novel), Twersky, 1953 [Ha-Omdim Al Ha-Saf]
The Secret of a Woman (stories), Am Oved, 1957 [Soda Shel Isha: Mi-Sipurey Yerushalayim]
Tabernacle of Peace (novel), Am Oved, 1958; Sifriat Maariv, 1988; [Sukat Shalom]
People of Beit Rimon (stories), Amichai, 1958; Sifriat Maariv 1988 [Anshei Beit Rimon]
The Way to the Red Rock (stories), The Author, 1959 [Ba-Derech Le-Sela Edom]
The Three that Left (novel), Massada, 1963 [Shlosha She-Azvu]
Sword of Salvation (novel), Maarachot, 1966 [Cherev Yeshuot]
Upon Thy Walls, O Jerusalem (play), Renaissance, 1967 [Al Chomotaich Yerushalayim]
Between Safed and Jerusalem (autobiography), Bialik Institute, 1972; Sifriat Maariv, 1992 [Bein Tzfat Li-Yerushalayim]
Soul Mate (novella), Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 1979 [Ahavat Nefesh]
The Fourth Photograph (novel), Yachdav, 1980; Sifriat Maariv, 1991 [Ha-Photograph Ha-Reviʹi]
A Guide for Confused Patriots (non-fiction), Hadar, 1984 [Moreh Derech Le-Patriyotim Nevochim]
Tales of Safed, Tales of Jerusalem (stories), Keter, 1984 [Mi-Sipurei Tzfat U-Mi-Sipurei Yerushalayim]
A Heretic Despite Himself (novel), Keter, 1985 [Epikoros Beʹal Korcho]
Let There Be Light (stories), Hadar, 1985 [Va-Yehi Or]
Three Ways (novel), Keter, 1986 [Be-Shalosh Drachim...]
The Infant from Barʹam (novel), Hadar, 1987 [Ha-Yenuka Mi-Barʹam]
A Hungry Manʹs Tale (stories), Sifriat Maariv, 1988 [Sipuro Shel Adam Raʹev]
On The Way Back (novel), Keter, 1988 [Ba-Derech Chazara]
The Fish and the Dove (novel), Sifriat Maariv, 1989 [Ha-Dag Ve-Ha-Yona]
Utopia in Blue and White (novel), Sifriat Maariv, 1990 [Utopia Be-Kachol-Lavan]
Burnt Matches (novel), Sifriat Maariv, 1991 [Gafrurim Srufim]
Seed of Everlasting Life (novel), Sifriat Maariv, 1992 [Zera Shel Kayma]
Parchment and Flesh (novel), Sifriat Maariv, 1993 [Gvilim U-Vsarim]
The Alleys of Jerusalem [Ohel, 1941]
The Big Curfew [Hamatate, 1947]
Guardians of the Walls [Ohel, 1948]
My Husband the Minister [Hamatate, 1950]
Vote For Agassi [Hamatate, 1950]
It Happened in Tel Aviv [Hamatete, 1951]
Saturday in Tiberias [Hamatate, 1952]
Laugh Beloved Land [Hamatate, 1954]
Until 190 [Zuta, 1966]
Peace, Peace, But There Is No Peace [Habima, 1973]

Books in Translation

Hissda Goes Up the Mountain
English: New York, World Zionist Organization, 1972

Soul Mate
Italian: Florence, Giuntina, 1999
Manuscripts available in English translation (for publishers only)
Tabernacle of Peace
Magic City (partial) 
Soul Mate

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