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Hosni the Dreamer: An Arabian Tale

Ehud Ben-Ezer
AGE: 4-7

In this enchanting story, Hosni the shepherd dreams of distant cities. His dream comes true when the sheikh takes him on a journey across the desert to sell some camels. After their mission is accomplished, the sheikh gives him a gold coin, and Hosni wanders around the souk, filled with wonder at its brilliantly colored cloths and fragrant spices. Then he sees a small shop with a sign: "One verse for one gold dinar." Inside he meets a wise man who takes his gold coin and says mysteriously, "Don`t cross the water until you know its depth." What can that mean?
And then, on the journey home, there is a terrible rain storm in the desert and water pours down the wadi. His companions start to cross the water, but Hosni suddenly remembers the wise man`s verse and stops. And he is the only one who survives. Or rather: he and Zobeide, a beautiful young girl whose servant has also drowned. Neither of the young people wants to return home-Hosni now has no job and Zobeide was being taken to a prince she didn`t love. So they set off together to safety. Inevitably, they fall in love along the way and when they reach a town, they get married and prosper, thanks to the riches stacked away on Zobeide`s camel as a bridal gift!

Illustrations: Uri Shulevitz

Ben Ezer Hosni the Dreamer - an Arabian Tale
Title Hosni the Dreamer: An Arabian Tale
Author’s Last Name Ben-Ezer
Author's First Name Ehud
Language(s) English
Genre children-picture bk
Publisher (Hebrew) 1st pub. (English): Farrar Strauss Giroux
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1997
Representation Represented by ITHL