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Josef Mundy

Josef Mundy (1935-1994) was born in Bucharest, Romania, to a wealthy family. Mundy immigrated to Israel at the age of sixteen, but he nevertheless considered himself a perpetual immigrant, leaving and returning at various periods of his life. During the 1960s, he lived in France and was one of the founders of the first cafe-theater there. In 1962, several short pieces he wrote were published in the literary magazine Yochani and two of them were staged by Habimah a year later. It Turns Around, which premiered in a small basement, ran for over 1,000 performances. His controversial plays were a combination of theater of the absurd and politics, with Brechtian influences. Mundy died in New York, during the rehearsal of one of his plays at the La Mama Theater.

Books Published in Hebrew
Conversation at Midnight (with Pinchas Sadeh), Aleph, 1968 [Sihot Be-Hatzot, Laila Im Pinhas Sadeh]
The Governor of Jericho (play), Achshav, 1975 [Moshel Yeriho]
Roll, University Publishing Projects, 1977 [Yoman Nochehut]
Coming Back to Nowhere (stories), Prosa, 1981 [Ha-Shivah Le-Shum Makom]
The Messiah (play), Achshav, 1982 [Ha-Meshiah]
Merry Frankfurt Nights (plays), Schocken, 1988 [Leilot Frankfurt Ha-Alizim]
Closing the Night (play), Or Am, 1990 [Sogrim Et Ha-Laila]

Child Games [Tzavta, ]
The Parasite [Cameri, 1969]
It Turns [Ha-Martef, 1970]
Jericho's Governor [Cameri, 1975]
The Messenger [Lilach, 1980]
Merry Frankfurt Nights [Haifa, 1987]
Closing the Night [Cameri, 1989]
Full Time Immigrant [Cameri, 1992]
The Messiah [Habimah, 1993]

Josef Mundy

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