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Haim Nagid

Haim Nagid was born in 1940 in Bucharest, Romania, and came to Israel in 1948. He studied literature, philosophy and education at Tel Aviv University and graduated with a PhD from the Department of Theatre Arts. A poet, a playwright and a literary critic, Nagid has published also a novel. He served as editor of the literary supplement of the daily Maariv and later as chairman of the Union of Writers in Israel (2003-2008). At present, he is the chief editor of the union's publishing house, Safra, which he founded in 2006, as well as editor of its literary periodical Gag and co-editor of Teatron, a quarterly for contemporary theater. He also lectures on visual literacy at the Master Degree School of Kibbutzim College.

Nagid received the Mati Kats Prize for Poetry (1971), the Prime Minister's Prize (1988), the Dov Sadan Prize for Jewish Studies (1996), the Ramat Gan Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2011) and the Minister of Culture Prize for Editing (2014).

Books Published in Hebrew
Thirty Poems (poetry), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1971 [Shloshim Shirim]
Local Poetry (poetry), Am Oved, 1986 [Shira Mekomit]
The Story of the Turtle Mr. Gideon Sassony (children), The Author, 1986 [Sipuro Shel Ha-Tzav Mar Gideon Sasony]  
Metatron (novel), Zmora-Bitan, 1989 [Metatron]
Picnic in Husmasa (play), Or-Am, 1990 [Piknik Be-Chusmasa] 
A Tour in the Restricted Zone (poetry), Tag, 1994 [Siyur Ba-Ezor Ha-Asur]
The Language of Stage [3 vols.] (non-fiction) Sal Tarbut - Omanut La'Am, 1996 [Sfat Ha-Bama: Musagei Yesod, Ma'archot Ha-Simanim Ha-Teiatroniyim]
Laughter and Trembling: On Hanoch Levin's Plays (non-fiction), Or-Am, 1998 [Tzchok U-Tzmarmoret: Al Machazot Hanoch Levin]   
Against the Illusion: Hebrew Documentary Drama (non-fiction), 2009 [Bi-Gnut Ha-Ashlaya: Ha-Janer Ha-Teudi Ba-Drama Ha-Ivrit]
Right to Paradise Lane: Selected Poems 1971-2011, Safra, 2012 [Yamina Le-Simtat Gan-Eden: Mivchar Shirim 1971-2011]
The Melancholic Joker: The Seriousness of the Israeli Comedy: The Serio-Comedies of Hanoch Levin, Nissim Aloni and Michael Gurevich (non-fiction), Tel Aviv University, Department of Theatre Arts, 2013 [Ha-Leitzan Ben Dmut Ha-Yagon: Al Retzinuta Shel Ha-Komedya Ha-Israelit: Heibetim Komiyim Bi-Sfat Ha-Teiatron Shel Nissim Aloni, Hanoch Levin U-Miki Gurevich]


The Story of the Turtle Mr. Gideon Sassony [Theater for Children and Youth, 1987]

Picnic in Husmasa [Cameri, 1990]

Zvi the Turtle [Haifa Children's Theater Festival, 1994] 

​Books in Translation
Selected Poems
Spanish: Madrid, Verbum, 2015