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Elisha Porat

Elisha Porat (1938-2013) was born to a family that was among the founders of kibbutz Ein Hahoresh in Emek Hefer. A lifelong member of his kibbutz, Porat worked for many years as a farmer as well as a writer. His work in the kibbutz's fruit orchards, a great contrast to his military tours of duty, always influenced his art. Besides writing, he also served as editor for several literary journals. Elisha Porat's first book, a collection of short stories, was published in 1973. He received the Prime Minister's Prize in 1996.

Books Published in Hebrew 
Hushnia, the Minaret, Sifriat Poalim, 1975 [Hushnia Ha-Misgad]
Poem, Memory, Sifriat Poalim, 1986 [Shir, Zikaron]
Born in 1938, Sifriat Poalim, 1996 [Yelud Tarzah]
The Dinosaures of the Language, Yedidim, 1999 [Ha-Dinozaurim shel Ha-lashon]
My Reprieve is Still Valid, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2005 [Arka Tkeifa]
Minor Vows: Poems 1975-2013, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2017 [Nedarim Ktanim: Kol Ha-Shirim 1975-2013] 

Desolate Land (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1973 [Eretz Yetoma]
A Diagonal View (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1977 [Tzilum Alachsoni]
Oneg Shabbath (novella), Sifriat Poalim, 1981 [Oneg Shabbath]
Personal Providence (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1985 [Hashgacha Pratit]
The Messiah of LaGuardia (stories), Zmora-Bitan, 1988 [Ha`mashiah mi`Lagardia]
Absolutions (stories), Zmora-Bitan, 1991 [Mechikat Avonot]
Triple Jump (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1994 [Kefitza Meshuleshet]
The Blue Thicket Bird (novellas), Gevanim, 1996 [Tzipor Ha`svach Ha-Kechula]
Episode (biography), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2001 [Epizoda]
The Crazy Moon, Yavneh, 1975 [Ha-Yareach Hishtagea]
The Banana Thief, Sifriat Poalim, 1976 [Gonev Ha-Bananot]
The Treasure Well, Zmora-Bitan, 1978 [Beer Ha-Matmonim]
Ranger Tells, Sifriat Poalim, 1980 [Sipuro She Sayar]
The Three Tower Ship, Sifriat Poalim, 1984 [Sphina Ushlosha Tzrichim]

Books in Translation
The Messiah of LaGuardia
English: Ontario/Buffalo, Mosaic Press, 1997

English: Wind River Press, 2002

English: Ein Hahoresh, Y&H Publishers, 2006


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