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Gabriel Preil

Gabriel Preil (1911-1993) was born in Estonia and immigrated to New York in 1922. Although he also wrote in Yiddish and English, Preil was primarily a modern Hebrew poet. His poems appeared widely in translation in English-language magazines and in numerous anthologies. He translated many American poets, including Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg. The recipient of several literary prizes, including the New York University Neuman Award and the Bialik Prize, he was also awarded an honorary degree in Hebrew Literature from the Hebrew Union College.

Books Published in Hebrew 
Landscape of Sun and Frost, Ohel, 1944 [Nof, Shemesh Ve-Kfor]
Candles Against the Stars, Bialik Institute, 1954 [Ner Mul Kochavim]
Map of Evening, Dvir, 1961 [Mapat Erev]
Fire and Silence, Massada, 1968 [Ha-Esh Ve-Ha-Demamah]
Of Time and Place, Bialik Institute, 1972 [Mi-Toch Zman Ve-Nof]
Poems from End to End, Schocken, 1976 [Shirim Mi-Shnei Ktzavot]
Courteous to Myself, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1980 [Adiv Le-Atzmi]
Fifty Poems in the Wilderness, Hakibbutz Hameuchad/Siman Kriah, 1987 [Hamishim Shir Ba-Midbar]
Collector of Autumns, Bialik Institute, 1993 [Asfan Stavim]

Books in Translation
Selected Poems
English: St. Louis, Cauldron Press, 1979; Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1985; New York, Cross-Cultural Communications, 1992

Gabriel Preil

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