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Ozer Rabin

Ozer Rabin (1921-1999), was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He came to Palestine as a young child and grew up in Tel Aviv. A member of Kibbutz Merhavia for four years, he first studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and then in the UK. He taught comparative literature at Haifa University and worked as editor for the Massada Publishing Company. He began publishing poetry in 1941, and received several awards, including the Bialik Prize for Poetry.

Books Published in Hebrew
To Dust, Sifriat Poalim, 1953 [Ad Afar]
Again and Again, Sifriat Poalim, 1967 [Shuv Va-Shuv]
Selected Poems, Ekked, 1970 [Mi-Shirei Ozer Rabin]
Before You Pass By, Massada, 1975 [Be-Terem Ta'avor]
Goes, Turns, Goes, Bialik Institute, 1982 [Holech Sovev Holech]

Ozer Rabin

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