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Aharon Reuveni

Aharon Reuveni (1886-1971) was born in the Ukraine. He left his own country for the United States in 1904 but returned to Russia in 1906, excited by the winds of revolution. He was exiled to Siberia with his family in 1908 for hiding arms. He escaped and reached Eretz Israel in 1910, after extensive travels in China, Japan and Egypt. He became active in public affairs (his brother, Yitzhak Ben Zvi, became the second president of Israel) and published in a several fields, including novels, poems, essays on Hebrew literature, and research on early Jewish history.

Books Published in Hebrew
In the Beginning was Confusion (trilogy, part 1), Ha'adama, 1919 [Be-Reshit Ha-Mevucha]            
The Last Boats (trilogy, part 2), Stybel, 1923 [Ha-Oniyot Ha-Aharonot]
Devastation (trilogy, part 3), Stybel, 1924; Am Oved, 1969; Dvir, Heksherim Institute, 2017 [Shamot]            
Sorrow (novel), Stybel, 1930; Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1978 [Itzavon]

To Jerusalem (trilogy), M. Neumann, 1954; Keter, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Siman Kriah, 1987 [Ad Yerushalayim: Roman Mi-Yemei Milchemet Ha-Olam Ha-Rishona]
Reincarnation (novel), M. Neumann, 1966 [Gilgul Neshamot]
The Complete Stories, Reuven Mass, 1967 [Kol Sipurei A. Reuveni]

On Jerusalem (trilogy, parts 1 & 2), Reuven Mass, 1968 [Al Yerushalayim]
Selected Stories, Yahdav, 1980 [Yalkut Sipurim]

Reincarnation (play), N. Neumann, 1971 [Gilgul Neshamot]

The Trip Around the Dead Sea in the Summer of 1923: A Personal Diary (Diary), S. Rubinstein, 2007 [Ha-Tiyul Mi-Saviv Le-Yam Ha-Melach Be-Kayitz 1923: Yoman Ishi Bo Hishtatef Ha-Mechaber]


Aharon Reuveni

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