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Yotam Reuveny

Yotam Reuveny was born in 1949 in Iasi, Romania, and immigrated to Israel in 1964. After completing his military service he joined a kibbutz and currently resides in Tel Aviv. In 1972 he began working on the editorial staff of the newspaper, Haaretz, and later for Yedioth Ahronoth. His first book was published in 1978, and in 2000 he founded Nymrod, an independent publishing house, through which he has published many of his books. A novelist, short story writer and a poet, Reuveny also translates English, French and Romanian literature to Hebrew. He participated in the International Writing Program at Iowa University. Reuveny was awarded the Prime Minister's Prize in 1985 and the Landau Prize for Poetry in 2015. His last novel, The Autobiography of Jean Riven, was shortlisted for the Sapir Prize (2015).    

Books Published in Hebrew
Dream Time (stories), Achshav, 1978; Nymrod, 2002 [Be'ad Ha-Hazaya]
Hangover (stories), Tirosh, 1979; Nymrod, 2003 [Hitpakchut]            
Report from Occurrence (poetry), Massada, 1979 [Divuach Mi-Toch Hitrachashut]
Mixed Tendency (stries), Am Oved, 1982 [Megama Me'orevet]            
Sadness Amassed in Dream (poetry), Schocken, 1982 [Etzev She-Ne'egar Ba-Chalom]
Words (novel), Yachdav, The Hebrew Writers Association, 1982 [Milim]
Deficiency / Hungarian Dance (novellas), Kadim, 1984 [Cheser / Machol Hungari]
Night Diary 1 (diary), Kadim, 1987; Nymrod, 2004 [Yoman Layla]
Night Diary 2 (diary), Modan, 1987 [Yoman Layla 2]
Night Diary 3 (diary), Nymrod, 1989 [Yoman Layla 3]
The Cuckoo's Square (novel), Sifriat Maariv, 1990 [Kikar Ha-Kukiya]
Days of Dagon (novel), Sifriat Maariv, 1992 [Yemei Dagon]
Poems: 1970-2002, Nymrod, 2002 [Shirim: 1970-2002]
Pinhas Sadeh: Two Interviews and Notes, Nymrod, 2002 [Dyokan 1: Pinhas Sadeh]
World History of Men's Love (non-fiction), Nymrod, 2002 [Historya Olamit Shel Ahavat Gvarim]
Abraham B. Yehoshua: Two Interviews and Notes, Nymrod, 2003 [Dyokan 2: Abraham B. Yehoshua]
Yuval (novel), Nymrod, 2003 [Yuval]
The Accursed Race (essays), Nymrod, 2003 [Ha-Geza Ha-Mekulal]
David Avidan: Interview and Notes [with Menahem ben], Nymrod, 2004 [Dyokan 3: David Avidan]
The First Books [2 vols.] (stories, novellas, novel), Nymrod, 2004 [Ha-Sfarim Ha-Rishonim]
The Interpretation of Deeds [7 vols.] (novels), Nymrod, 2005-2010 [Pesher Ha-Ma'asim]
Return [translated from Romanian] (novel), Nymrod, 2009 [Ha-Chazara]
Eugène Ionesco: a Meeting in Habimah (non-fiction), Nymrod, 2011 [Eugen Ionesco: Pgisha Be-Habima]
Pinhas Sadeh: Interviews and Notes, Nymrod, 2011 [Ha-Omanut Hi Ha-Geula: Al Matzavo Shel Pinhas Sadeh]. Ext. ed. of Pinhas Sadeh, above
The Ephemera Order (novel), Nymrod, 2011 [Misdar Ephemera]
The Hired Gun of the Jewish People (novel), Nymrod, 2012 [Ha-Rotze'ach Ha-Sachir Shel Ha-Am Ha-Yehudi]
Poems: 1970-2012, Keshev, 2013 [Shirim: 1970-2012]
The Autobiography of Jean Riven (autobiographical novel), Afik, 2015 [Ha-Otobiyografia Shel Jean Riven]
Swam (poetry), Keshev, 2016 [Nechil]

Ashdoders (novel), Afik, 2017 [Ashdodim]
Books in Translation            
Selected Stories
French: Paris, Intertextes, 1988; Paris, Blandin, 1991; Paris, Serpent a Plumes, 1998; 2001  

Romanian (Original): Bucharest, Institutul Cultural Român, 2007

Yotam Reuveny