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Moshe Smilansky

Moshe Smilansky (1874-1953) was born in the Ukraine, and spent his childhood in pastoral surroundings. He was taught by private tutors, but also learned both from members of the first Zionist group, "the Biluim", who lived in his village for a time, and from Tolstoy`s disciples, who settled there. When he was 16 he traveled to Eretz Israel, where he worked in agriculture. At the age of 20, he returned to Russia to serve in the army but after several weeks made his way back to Eretz Israel.
Smilansky's first article was published in 1889. He began submitting articles about the Jewish community in Eretz Israel to Hebrew publications abroad. He settled in as a farmer/landowner in Rehovot, where he owned vineyards, orange groves and almond trees. In 1906 he fell ill and traveled to Europe seeking a cure. While recovering, he wrote his first story. The story, which eventually turned into a series, was about the life of the Arabs. Smilansky was one of the founders of the Jewish farmers' association and a fervent supporter of the redeeming value of physical work, especially agriculture, for the Jewish people. Smilansky died in Tel Aviv.


Books Published in Hebrew            
Sons of Arabia [as Hawaja Mussa] (stories), Odessa: Dfus Hailperin, 1911; Achiever [two vols.], 1927; Va'ad HaNe'emanim Le'Otza'at Kitvei Moshe Smilansky LeYovel HaShishim [two vols.], 1934; Dvir [two vols.], 1945; 1947; 1964 [Bnei Arav]
By the Yarkon River (stories), Yizreel, 1936 [Al Hof Hayarkon]
Hadera (non-fiction), 1936 [Hedera]            
Moshe Smilansky`s Works, The Farmers` Association of Eretz Israel, 1937 [Kitvei Moshe Smilansky]            
The Path to Redemption (non-fiction), KKL-Jewish National Fund, 1944 [Maslul Ha-Geulah]            
Unknown Pioneers (non-fiction), Am Oved, 1943-53 [Mishpahat Ha-Adamah]
The Land`s Redeemers (non-fiction), KKL-Jewish National Fund, 1947 [Goalei Ha-Karka]            
The Jewish Colonization and the Arab Farmer (non-fiction), 1947 [Ha-Hitiashvut Ha-Ivrit Ve Ha- Falah]      
In Mountain and Valley (stories), Schocken, 1948 [Ba-Har U-Ba-Gai]            
Yishuv Stories, Dvir, 1948 [Sipurei Yeshuv]
Rehovot (non-fiction), 1950 [Rehovot]            
Ness-Tziona (non-fiction), 1953 [Nes Tziona]
Farewell, Twersky, 11955 [Im Preidah]
The History of the Yishuv (non-fiction), Dvir, 1978 [Pirkei Toldot Ha-Yeshuv]

Books in Translation            
Selected Stories
English: London, Methuen, 1935; New York, Hebrew Educators Committee for Labor Palestine, 1944             

Sons of Arabia            
Yiddish: Warsaw, Yiddishe Bibliotek Farn Folk, 1932
Japanese: Tokyo, RonSosha, 2006  
Unknown Pioneers            
English: Jerusalem, WZO Youth Department, 1946            
French: Jerusalem, Reuven Mass, 1949
Spanish: Jerusalem, WZO, 1949

In Mountain and Valley            
Spanish: Buenos Aires, Editorial Israel, 1953

Moshe Smilansky

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