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Jacob Steinberg

Jacob Steinberg (1887-1947), born in Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine, was a poet, short story writer and essayist. At age 14, Steinberg ran away to Odessa, which was then the center of Hebrew literature. His early writings suggest a youth of poverty, self-education and a revolt against tradition - the usual makings of an East European Hebrew writer before 1914. In 1903 he moved to Warsaw where he began to write Hebrew poems and contribute to Hebrew and Yiddish publications. He moved to Eretz Israel in 1914 and remained in Tel Aviv until his death, except for a brief period in Berlin between 1923 and 1925. From 1942 he edited Moznayim, the Hebrew Writers' Association monthly.            

Books Published in Hebrew            
Poems, Warsaw,1905 [Shirim]
Book of Satires (poetry), Warsaw-Sifrut, 1910 [Sefer Ha-Satirot]
The Scroll on Hunger, Warsaw, 1912 [Megilat Ha-Ra'av]            
Stories, Moriah, 1922 [Sipurim]            
Poems, Stybel, 1923 [Shirim]            
Collected Work, Va'ad Hayovel, 1937 [Kitvei Jacob Steinberg]
Images and Visions, Stybel, 1939 [Dmuyot Ve-Hezyonot]            
Last Poems, Hebrew Writers Association, 1948 [Shirim Aharonim]
Last Essays, Hebrew Writers Association, 1948 [Reshimot Aharonot]            
The Complete Work of Jacob Steinberg, Dvir, 1957 [Col Kitvei Jacob Steinberg]
Poems and Essays, Dvir, 1963 [Mivhar Lirika Ve-Reshimot]
Collected Stories, Yachdav, 1966 [Yalkut Ha-Sipurim]
Stories, Poems, Plays, Dvir, 1976 [Shirim, Sipurim Ve-Mahazot]
Portraits, Hebrew Writers Association, 1979 [Diyokanaot Ve-Arachim]
Stories, Dvir, 1980 [Sipurim]            
The Red Veil, Gvanim, 1997 [Ha-Tzeif Ha-Adom]

Books in Translation            
Selected Work            
Yiddish: Warsaw, Velt Bibliotek, 1910


Jacob Steinberg