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Pinhas Sadeh

Pinhas Sadeh (1929-1994) was born in Lvov, Poland, and immigrated to pre-state Israel in 1934. He studied in Tel Aviv and the Jezreel Valley and then moved to Jerusalem where he worked as a night watchman and shepherd.
Sadeh began writing in 1951. He published six collections of poetry, two novels, a novella, four books of diaries and essays, a children`s book and a collection of hassidic folktales. He also translated collections of poetry and novels. With no formal education beyond primary school, Sadeh consistently approached the most elementary existential issues in his writing. Referring to his work as "theological," he remarked that his writing was "a moral act." Combining mythological, autobiographical, mystical and metaphysical elements, there were those who saw him as a teacher and prophet. His style is spare, and emphasizes his desire to avoid all linguistic excess. His novel, Life As a Parable, is possibly autobiographical. Widely acknowledged as his classic work, it spawned a cult following among young adults. Sadeh received the Bialik Prize in 1990. 

Pinhas Sadeh

Books Published in Hebrew

Vision of Dumah (poetry), Machbarot Lesifrut, 1951 [Masa Duma]
Life as a Parable (novel) , Sheshet, 1958; Schocken, 1968; extended ed. 1984; Schocken, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2010; Schocken, 2014 [Ha-Chayim Ke-Mashal]
On the Human Condition (novel), Am Oved, 1967 [Al Matzavo Shel Ha-Adam]
The Death of Avimelech (novella), Schocken, 1969 [Mot Avimelech Va-Aliyato Hashamaima Bi-Zroʹot Imo]
Book of Poems (poetry), Schocken, 1970 [Sefer Ha-Shirim]
The Story of a Doe (novellas), Tarmil, 1970 [Ha-Esev Ha-Adom Boʹer Leat, Ha-Nahar Ha-Yarok Zorem La-Ad; Ha-Sipur Al Odot Ayala]
Journey (diary & essay), Schocken, 1971 [Nesiah: Be-Tzeiruf Masa Al Metzukato Shel Ha-Adam Be-Toch Yekum Ha-Kochavim]
Journey in the Land of Israel (diary & essays), Schocken, 1974 [Nesiah Be-Eretz Israel Ve-Hirhurim Al Ahavato Hanichzevet Shel Elohim]
To Two Honorable Young Ladies (poetry), Schocken, 1977 [El Shtei Neʹarot Nichbadot]
The Diary of Writing ʹLife as a Parableʹ, Proza, 1980 [42 Rishunim Ve-Yoman-Ha-Ktiva Shel Ha-Hayim Ke-Mashal]
Jewish Folktales, Schocken, 1983 [Sefer Ha-Dimyonot Shel Ha-Yehudim: Sipurei Am]
The Book of Yellow Pears (poetry, stories), Schocken, 1985 [Sefer Ha-Agasim Ha-Tzehubim]
Seven Lectures on Bialik (essays), Dvir, Schocken, 1985 [Mivhar Shirei H.N. Bialik Im Sheva Hartzaʹot Meʹet Pinhas Sadeh]
Poems 1985-1988, Schocken, 1988 [Shirim 1985-1988]
I Sing Like a Bird (poetry), Schocken, 1993 [Ich Zing Vi A Feigale]
Collected Poems, Schocken, 2005 [Kol Shirei Pinhas Sadeh]
The Diaries of Pinhas Sadeh / Eilat Negev & Yehuda Koren (eds.), Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, 2014 [Pinhas Sadeh: Ha-Yomanim / Tachkir, Mevoʹot Va-Aricha: Eilat Negev Vi-Yehuda Koren]
When I Was Young, Kiryat Sefer, 1960 [Naʹar Hayiti]
Ida, Kiryat Sefer, 1961 [Ida]
The Thief, Am Oved, 1964; extended ed. Carta, 1988 [Ha-Ganav]

Books in Translation

English: London, Blond, 1966; Jerusalem, Carta, 1989
Spanish: Granada, Granada University Press, 2004

Jewish Folktales
English: New York, Doubleday, 1989; London, Collins, 1990
German: Munich, Hanser, 1989; Frankfurt, Buchergilde Gutenberg, 1992

Selected Poems
Catalan: Barcelona, Edicions 62/Empuries, 2002

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