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Amnon Shamosh

Amnon Shamosh was born in Aleppo, Syria, in 1929, and came to pre-state Israel as a child. He fought in the 1948 War of Independence in the elite Palmach unit and later became one of the founding members of Kibbutz Ma`ayan Baruch, where he lives today. A graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Hebrew and English literature, Shamosh has taught at a regional high school and served as its principal. He has also been UNESCO`s special envoy to French-speaking countries in Africa.
Shamosh began his literary career at age 40, and writes poetry and prose for both children and adults. His novel, Michel Ezra Safra and Sons, has been adapted for TV. Shamosh has received several literary prizes, including the Agnon Prize (1979), the Shalom Aleichem Award (1986), the ACUM Prize (1998) the President's Prize (2001) and the Arik Einstein Prize (2014).

Books Published in Hebrew
Icebergs and Bells (children), Massada, 1966 [Karhonim Ou-Pa`amonim]
Yumia (youth), Achiasaf, 1969 [Yumia]
The Way of a Ship in the Midst of the Sea (novella), Srebrek, 1972 [Derech Oniyah Be-Lev Yam]
My Sister the Bride (stories), Massada, 1974 [Ahoti Kalah]
Michel Ezra Safra and Sons (novel), Massada, 1978 [Michel Ezra Safra U-Banav]
Calamus and Cinnamon (stories), Massada, 1979 [Kane Ve-Kinamon]
A Kibbutz is a Kibbutz is a Kibbutz (stories, play, and sketches), Massada, 1980 [Kibbutz Hu Kibbutz Hu Kibbutz]
Spanish Diwan (poetry), Massada, 1981 [Diwan Sfaradi]
With Me from Lebanon (stories), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1981 [Iti Mi-Levanon]
A Fountain Sealed (stories), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1984 [Ma`ayan Hatum]
Upon a Harp With a Solemn Sound (poetry), Sifriat Poalim, 1984 [Alei Higaion Ve-Kinor]
Haketer, the Story of Aleppo Codex (non-fiction), Ben Zvi Institute, 1987 [Haketer, Sipuro Shel Keter Aram-Tzoba]
From the Source (essays), Carta, 1988 [Min Ha-Ma`ayan]
The Cedars of Lebanon (novel), Massada, 1990 [Arazim]
Marrano Mountain (stories), Massada, 1991 [Har Ha-Anusim]
Autumn Stories, Fall Colors (stories), Modan, 1995 [Sipurei stav, Tsivei Shalehet]
On the Silk Road (novel), Aviv, 2000 [Derech Eretz Ha-Meshi]
Collected Works (stories, 2 vols), Aviv, 2000
Collected Works (novels, 2 vols), Aviv, 2001
Collected Works (poetry), Aviv, 2005
Liri's Chronicles: Stories from the Third Half, Massada, 2015 [Pirkei Liri: Sipurei Ha-Machatzit Ha-Shlishit]
Good Morning Alz Heimer (non fiction), Massada, 2015 [Boker Tov Altz Haymer]  

Books in Translation
My Sister the Bride
Spanish: Tel Aviv, Massada, 1977
English: Tel Aviv, Massada, 1979

Michel Ezra Safra and Sons
Spanish: Jerusalem, Semana, 1984
French: Paris, Joseph Clims, 1986
Arabic: Shefaram, Shefar`am, Dar Al-Mashreq, 1986

Marrano Mountain
English: Tel Aviv, Massada, 1992
Arabic: Shefar`am, Shefar`am, Dar Al-Mashreq, 1992

Selected Stories
Arabic: Shefar`am, Dar Al-Mashreq, 1999


Amnon Shamosh

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