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Itzhak Shenhar

Yitzhak Shenhar (1902-1957) was born in Voltshisk, a small town on the border of Galicia and the Ukraine. He was an active member of a Zionist movement and started agricultural training before completing his studies. On his arrival in Eretz Israel in 1921, he worked as a construction worker, railman and farmer. He began writing Hebrew poetry when he was very young and his first poem was published in Eretz Israel in 1924. Shenhar taught himself European languages and literature and from 1931 devoted himself exclusively to literary activities. In addition to writing, he was a literary consultant to publishing firms, an editor and a translator (Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gogol, Rilke, etc). Shenhar died in Jerusalem.

Books Published in Hebrew
Flesh and Blood, Tarshish, 1941 [Basar Va-Dam]
Between Star and Grass (children), Sifriat Poalim, 1942 [Beyn Kochav Va-Deshe]
From One Land to Another, Tarshish, 1943 [Mi-Eretz El Eretz]
Time Will Say, Schocken, 1945 [Yamim Yedaberu]
From Old and Ancient, Schocken, 1947 [Me-Az U-Mi Kedem]
One in a Thousand (story), Schocken, 1947 [Ehad Mi-Elef]
By Seven Ways (stories) , Schocken, 1954 [Be-Shiv`ah Drachim]
The Stories of Yitzhak Shenhar, Bialik Institute, 1960 [Sipurei Ytzhak Shenhar]
Collected Stories, Iachdav, 1967 [Yalkut Sipurim]
Sons of the Place (stories), Tarmil, 1989 [Banim La-Makom]

Books in Translation
Selected Stories
Spanish: Buenos Aires, Editorial Israel, 1947
English: Tel Aviv, WIZO, 1950
Russian: Jerusalem, Biblioteka Aliya, 1977 

Selected stories available in translation (for publishers only)

Itzhak Shenhar