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Benny Ziffer

Benny Ziffer was born in Tel Aviv in 1953, and now lives in Ra’anana. He studied French literature and political science. Ziffer has translated many works of French literature into Hebrew. At present, he is the editor of the prestigious Haaretz literary supplement. Ziffer has published poetry and novels.

Benny Ziffer

Books Published in Hebrew

A Bird Nests at Home (poetry), Martef 29/ Eked, 1978 [Tzipor Mekanenet Ba-Bayit]
La Marche Turque (novel) , Am Oved, 1995 [Marsh Turki]
Ziffer and His Kind (novel), Am Oved, 1999 [Ziffer U-Vnei Mino]
The Literary Editorʹs Progress (novel), OV - Z.A.P., 2005 [Aliyato Ha-Shamaima Shel Ha-Orech Ha-Sifruti]
Among Us, Levantines: Travel Stories (non-fiction), Am Oved, 2012 [Beineinu, Ha-Levantinim: Sipurei Masaʹot]
To Paradise with the Donkeys (non-fiction), Afik, 2016 [Le-Gan Eden Im Ha-Chamorim]

Books in Translation

Ziffer and His Kind
German: Hamburg, Männerschwarm, 2009

Among Us, Levantines
French: Arels, Actes Sud, 2014